This Jewelry Fits Perfectly to the Nail Polish Trends

How are your nails designed today?Classic in red, blue, metallic gray or shimmering in gold?So I dare the beginning and say that my nails are at the moment quite natural.Nude.So a little clear coat and not more.But that’s only because I wanted to give you a breather.Before it is again properly colored.And if you times through Pinterest or Instagram, then you will see that quite often jewelry and nail polish are matched.3 especially nice looks I picked today for you.

1. Golden rings to golden nail tips

French manicure you know for sure. But do you already know the dazzling variant, in which the nail tips are gold instead of white? Here the nails are first varnished with clear lacquer, then you give a golden Nail tip on the tips or varnished the nail tip alternatively in gold.
The styling will now be completed by jewelry. My tip:Both golden highlights should not hinder each other. Do not wear too much gold. Very nice look narrow rings , which you perhaps still with a wider ring in gold or bronze combined. This does not include rings that are covered with large jewelery stones. However, small jewelery stones may be used to set an accent.This Jewelry Fits Perfectly to the Nail Polish Trends 1

2. Gold jewelry to red and black nails

Black nails? Well, not quite. Black blends with red, with red in metallic effects. This results in a messy mixture, which however gets a real glamor boost by shimmering, red metallic particles. If the nails are painted in black, then you wear some dark red paint, but the black should still glimmer.
These metallic accents form the right foundation for an extravagant look.This is why your jewelery can be quite exciting.A statementring, either with a red or very dark gemstone.Or in a particularly extravagant form, with peaks and tips.In short, you must leave your claws.If you like small rings, you will find a pair of wrap bracelets, which take up the colors of the nail polish.This Jewelry Fits Perfectly to the Nail Polish Trends 2

3. Silver jewelry to gray nails

Silver and gray, actually a very logical pair. Silver was very popular in the last season, but there is no end. Only the bandwidth is now much larger. This means for you, you can paint your nails in all shades of gray, from light matt to metallic.
This silver-gray glimmer is now supported by a silver bracelet, a silver infinity ring and also a little color.Thus, no boredom occurs.Special contrasts are obtained when her jewelery is used in warm, very intense colors.It becomes weaker and more delicate when pastel tones are applied to jewelry.So, for example, a wrapping bracelet in a light tone.

So my favorite is the trend towards the golden nail tips. Whether I did it so beautifully, is again a completely different question.How are you all doing? What nail polish trend do you like best?This Jewelry Fits Perfectly to the Nail Polish Trends 3