Tips for Pregnant Women Getting the Day Well

Starting the day is not always easy. Here are some tips for pregnant women.

Tips for Pregnant Women Getting the Day Well

Being pregnant seems to be more difficult for some women than for others: nausea, cramps, malaise, leg pains, back, constipation, constant urge to urinate, among other things, however, with simple attitudes it is possible to start well the day.

The tips that help pregnant women to start the day well are simple attitudes in everyday life that if taken as habits can greatly facilitate the lives of pregnant women, avoiding the most common discomforts of the time.

8 Tips for Pregnant Women to start well the day

Activate the body

Before getting out of bed, take that stretch, stretching well, but be careful not to get hurt because during pregnancy the ligaments become looser.

Avoid getting sick

The nightmares of most pregnant women are nausea, but they can control these problems that happen mainly when the expectant mother is hungry, so before getting up with some crackers and water or a fruit that will help fight sickness .

Lengthen your back

Back pain is very common during pregnancy because of the extra weight the woman carries, to control problems when waking up stretches the back, it is quite simple just lie on a rug, keeping feet and shoulder on the floor, breathing when lifting back and hip, and when exhaling, descend slowly.

Stretch the calf

To reduce the pains of legs and feet so feared by pregnant women, it is also very easy: support your hands on the wall, bend your front leg and keep your back stretched and your heel on the floor, then just change the position of the legs to every 15 seconds.


Pregnant women should invest in a nutrient-rich breakfast where they can not miss iron and fiber.

A great option is a cabbage juice with oats and orange, two toast with brown bread and ricotta paste and a fruit salad, other suggestions is to exchange bread for toast, sugars for honey and prefer white cheese, cereals and Whole buns therefore help control sugar levels and weight.


Sunbathing in the morning is very good for pregnant women because the sun’s rays help to activate vitamin D very important for the health of the baby, 15 to 30 minutes a day is necessary.

To hiking

Another very good thing to start on pregnant day is a moderate intensity walk lasting about 20 minutes which will give more mood, leave stress away and increase the mood.

Bath time

In the morning take a good shower to renew the energies, but avoid hot water that can leave the skin dry and cause pressure drop.