Tips for Using a White Cocktail Dress

However the classic cocktail dress that all it is recommended to have is black, but white has become a very good option, i.e. because it is versatile and elegant, that truly it is worth incorporating into the looks. To know to look for the best way to not miss these tips for use a white cocktail dress.

Tips for Using a White Cocktail Dress


First you have to take into account that for choosing a good white dress is that it is appropriate for your body type. Usually the more dark is your tone skin, the darker shade of white natural sit you better. While for skin tones more pale look better with bright shades of white. You must choose a type of dress that will help you highlight your figure.


Good white color is that it is versatile and further agrees to combine with a variety of tones. If you want something more modern and appealing cebes combine you white dress with bright as pink, blue or red tones.

From a lip color, necklace, earrings or shoes. But you must remember that it is less more so you’ll only need to add a nick of color but without exaggerating too much. A red lip is the best choice for a modern and stylish look.


If you want to use a white dress for a casual look, a perfect way to achieve this is with a belt that you mark your body. If you perhaps have an informal party during the day, you’ll only need a belt brown color and a pair of sandals of the same color and get a perfect casual look. You can also combine it with other neutral colors so that you use it on the day.


A party white dress will look spectacular if you add touches of metallic colors. For that gold or silver Accessories help contribute a glamorous escape to the look, always keeping the sophistication and elegance. It is perfect for a party or a special occasion, will contribute you to a modern and attractive look.


If you want something more sophisticated and classic at the same time, it is best that you combine the white dress with black. So you must combine your white dress with a black belt, a portfolio or black heels.

Use white and black not only is elegance and trendy but is also a perfect way to make your body colors stand out as the color of your hair, skin or eyes.

So do not hesitate to add a versatile and elegant white dress to your look you can use for both night and day. You must also get the appropriate accessories, follow these tips to use a white cocktail dress and looks amazing on any occasion.

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