Toothbrush Makeup Brush Review

Special tips for retro eye makeup styles with the help of the vintage makeup brushes! You could never believe it?!

Toothbrush Makeup Brush Review

Each of us should pay particular attention to their own toothbrush.

It is the indispensable tool to have a gorgeous smile.

Yet the brush not only serves to brush your teeth, it can actually become a great ally for your beauty.

Do not believe us?!

Try reading these tips to try to use the toothbrush hair, nails, and more.
Then let us know what you think.

Nothing but strange objects of beauty … sometimes we do not understand precisely what the objects we see every day are useful and necessary!

1- Toothbrush + lacquer

The bristles of the toothbrush are positioned very close together and in this way can act as tiny combs.

then sprinkles on the toothbrush head a bit ‘of lacquer (recommend an old toothbrush, but come on, are not 2 euro for a new toothbrush to send in crisis and it is also more hygienic) and helped to fix the hairstyle.

the fine hair also remain in place.

Everyone has toothbrushes dentist’s office that they never use it to brush your teeth. Instead of throwing away, try these tricks for hair, nails, and more.

2- Use a toothbrush to comb his eyebrows

Many of us have some really undisciplined eyebrows.

As above, helped with a little ‘of lacquer and pettinale to give a perfect shape, to find even small rebel eyebrows and remove them with tweezers.

The perfect shape you can underline it with a specific colored pencil.

3- Water, lemon, baking soda and brush.

A super cocktail for your skin.

Blend a cup of water mixed with half a cup of lemon juice and baking soda to create a perfect housewife cream to use with a toothbrush to exfoliate the skin and reduce dark spots, for example where it is applied too self-tanning.

This mixture will be an outstanding checker.

4- Lip balm + toothbrush

Make a nice scrub lips with a specific balm and then take off the dead skin with a toothbrush in circular motions.

5- Clean your phone

With the toothbrush can clean the phone and give him new life.

With all the dust captured in the mouth of the hairdryer, surely this will be much slower.

With the brush you can thoroughly clean the fan and return to dry your hair faster.

6- Use the bristles of a toothbrush to clean the dirt under the fingernails

(Photo: web)

The bristles of the toothbrush have an edge, even for the manicure.

With the bristles can thoroughly clean the dirt under the fingernails in seconds.

7- Clean the cuticles with oil and toothbrush

Not everyone has the time to go to the beauty salon every week.

To keep your beautiful hands and treat the cuticles, apply the specific oil and exfoliates on mane with a brush, through circular movements.

8- Nail Art to Pollock

With the toothbrush can have a copyright nail art, a dripping to Pollock.

Choose the nail polish color you want on your nails.

Pour the paint on a paper plate, then dab the head of the first toothbrush with a glaze and transfer it on your nails in a random way.

Continue with the same procedure with the other colors and from time to time remove the excess.

The result is truly amazing!!!!!

9- Create a braid with your toothbrush

After braided hair in a braid, take a new toothbrush and gently brush your hair with the bristles upward, immediately creating a very fine and elegant effect.

10- Color your hair with a toothbrush

If for an evening you want a different look and want to use colored chalk to the hair try to apply them with your toothbrush.

With her thin bristles will be much easier draw the color in an orderly manner.

If you want to highlight the hair and the hair that frame your face, dip the brush in the color you want and create your own custom shatush.

11- Curve the lashes

We have seen how in this case it may be useful a spoon but also the toothbrush can be a good ally.

Pass the mascara on the lashes, and with a toothbrush manage the order of the lashes from root to tip.

The bristles will grab the excess mascara and your eyes will be wonderful.