Toshiba AT270: First Android tablet with OLED display

Toshiba offers the AT270 a tablet based on Android 4.0, which has a single feature in the range of tablets or generally in the area of affordable displays. It does not have a normles LCD Panel, but relies on the self-luminous, organic display construction OLED. So far, this technique only in mobile phones is widespread for larger panels, the production was far too expensive. With 7.7 ″ the Toshiba AT270 tablet that is not only interesting because it just uses this special display technology, but also, because it has a special size, so unique is 8 tablets on the market of the Windows.

The advantages again briefly summarized: OLED provides real black, strong contrasts and strong colors, where it takes less energy than normal displays. The tablet with 1280 × 720 pixel resolution is resolved. Besides this feature the hardware equipment reads rather average, if not bad either. The Toshiba AT270 is equipped with a powerful NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip set, which includes a quad-core and a powerful graphics unit. When the Tablet appears, is currently unknown.