Toshiba Folio 100: This tablet is no iPad alternative

NVIDIA Tegra is now actually announced in all Android news. The Tegra 2 graphics chip is ample power – more graphic isn’t currently mobile. Also Toshiba builds with the Folio 100 on the fastest mobile graphics on the market and places them next to a powerful dual-core CPU. There’s also 512mb of RAM and 16 gb internal memory. The 10.1 ″ multi-touch display reminiscent of the format here strongly on the Apple iPad. Via a HDMI output videos in 1080 p on the home TV can be issued. The tablet with Android 2.2 can hold approximately 7 hours without a battery charge at medium intensity of use. The price is around 400,-€. In a first test of evident that the Folio 100 is not only weak and the display angle-dependent (no comparison to the IPS-LCD of the iPad). Also, there is no access to the Android market, so that only a few, a few apps in the Toshiba marketplace to download are available, which are sometimes not even optimized for the tablet. We recommend therefore to refrain from the computing power and instead prefer to invest excellently processed Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab in the.