Total Look White Part I: Outfits Black and White

As we already came forward months ago, this season the White has come stomping. Showcase there where not see whites recreating looks minimal, bicolor, festival-goers and above all very romantic.

Although at Mit Mat Mamá we are known for a cheerful style charged with colours and patterns of the season we could not pass up this trend and our windows also dress in white for you.

Blouses, camisoles, tunics, tops, pants skinny pants and maternity dresses as described in pregnancy clothing in different shades of white: off-white, white broken, effect Pearl and pure white to make you contagies summer light.

This season are essential ways to wear white as we’ll see week to week, in this post we are going to focus on the successful look Black & White.

Inspiration Black & White view on celebrities:

For which you are not used to wear white from head to toe or simply do not have a skin tone that contrast with the white a terrific resource is the look two-tone black & white. You are lucky because it is also maximum trend as we have recently seen in actresses and models such as Emma Watson, Reese Whiterspoon, Blake Lively or Douzten Kroes at events such as the Festival de Cannes, or in version Spanish actresses Blanca Suarez y Marián Álvarez during the reading of the nominees for the 2015 Goya or hit girl Olivia Palermo in the Art Rocks in New York. Whether in long gown or versatile short or long joint formed by two pieces, the black and white are always symbol of elegance, and combined in a same look, symbol of the now trendy outfit.

Would you like to experience this look so successful maternity version? Pregnancy is no excuse to Miss trends more encouraging, so you can not miss the fabulous short dress Coco , which is a top sales of every summer, the glamorous dress Ana loaded with Black Lace over background white and the special dress Tiffanys lingerie-inspired, two trends of season United in a same garment.

Where to place the white garment and where to place the black garment?

Depending on what you want to achieve, we will use a combination or other. If your look with Black & White want to get highlight areas, and disguise others you will have to use the white garment in the area that you want to highlight and the black garment in the area that you want to hide. For example, you love the tripitita incipient that draws your silhouette, but with the arrival of the heat a little swollen legs you have? The ideal combination in your case will be top or white blouse with long skirt, leggings or black pants. You not want to hide anything and just want to see you favoured? Then right is that you use the color which you more close to the face. The Sun you touched on the face and because are you sensed a cheerful Tan? Use the above and white below. You’re white and you love the elegant contrast that create you the black clothes? Use the black above and white below.

Although entry may seem a look very formal or reserved for special occasions, the truth is that this proposal is perfectly valid for the day to day. A skinny 5-Pocket pants fashion tube or the miniskirt Neptune combined with a basic tee Top Dina or practical t-shirt cross lactation are perfect combinations for any occasion with which they never desentonarás.

We encourage you to experience this trend and tell us the result