USB Hub with Ethernet Port

For some time I have to work a 15 “MacBook Pro, which unfortunately comes without Ethernet. The lack of Ethernet port is for me quite a problem, because in many hotels does the Internet only via cable really good and my customers (universities) sometimes I may only wired to the Internet. So I was looking soon for a solution that would offer me an external Ethernet port. Really expensive, it should not be, because although I have needs, but it is not a daily necessity for the life.

I’ve found a USB device, the 3x USB 3.0 ports offers me and 1x Gigabit Ethernet and actually gets a 4.5 star rating on eusbhubs.

The unit of CSL Computer is available for just € 22 upon our site. To use the Ethernet port, you have to install a small mini CD a driver. This is of course a little bit annoying because Apple ships its devices without CD drive, but no device is only for Apple users and since that’s OK.

Exciting was that this device was made after a few days in the home office for fixed home office inventory. Even if the WiFi is excellent in my home office environment, provides a wired connection, for example, for backup on my NAS. Gigabit proposes halt but also the best 802.11n WiFi;) Furthermore, I’m used constantly on the move and it can sometimes annoy the various peripherals on and need to disconnect. Since this small USB hub was just right with Ethernet port.

Instead the Keyboard & Microphone now each time to connect individually, I can now infect the one device. On power it has not yet been lacking. Also, the Ethernet port does what he should. To be honest, I still do not understand why Apple’s “Pro” device just this port swiped – so much thinning is characterized not become the instrument.

The dimensions (11cm x 22 cm x 3 cm) make the unit very portable and invite you to take home, but at the moment it is fixed in your home or office docking station replacement. I am with the performance so pleased that I will now probably a second make me for the journey, because the original reason for the purchase, I could not solve yes. And that is certainly the best score that I can give this unit. I want a second and would at any time make a 5 star rating.