Vests for all styles

One of the garments that offers much style when it comes to completing the look are the vests. With this garment, you can find and create fun and different look, just depends on your imagination and style. The secret is to find the one that best suits your tastes when it comes to dressing. 
Trends have evolved to offer us different styles, cuts and textures.

The knit vests as described in answerresume are perfect for bragging about the curves in a sensual and daring way. They are really perfect if you want to wear a very feminine look. The one that we propose you will become a basic accessory for the winter season, and surely it will remain several seasons more. The knit vest is ideal for styling the figure, as it lengthens the silhouette. One more secret… if instead of buttons it carries a zipper like this will stylize you even more!

If you want to get out of the traditional and you are looking for something striking, the leather vests will give you much style and will become your ally to get a look at night giving a very stylish and very chic image. A fashion advice from our stylist is that “if you have a lot of chest and want to stylize the figure”, choose to wear it unbuttoned and so you will not draw attention to the part you want to disguise.

The sport vests are very versatile and easy to combine. Just a tip use them on pants of different color, so that they make contrast.Otherwise you have ample freedom, you can use it with almost all jeans, leggings, basic shirts, blouses…..

What do you think? Have you found your style and your favorite combination? I already have mine!