Vivo XPlay 3: Innovation with QHD Display

The Smartphone manufacturers from the Far East found iPhone-fakes, and Samsung Galaxy were known replicas and clones of the smart phones of other well-known brands. Slowly comes with some fresh wind into the market.

Vivo XPlay 3: Innovation with QHD Display

Apple is not the only brand with innovative fingerprint sensor or 64-bit processor, but some unknown manufacturers such as WIKO, OPPO, or BBK bring innovative smartphones that worth a look. Now it may call itself vivo XPlay 3 S the first Smartphone with QHD display.

 Vivo XPlay 3 Innovation with QHD Display 1

With QHD resolution (2560 × 1440 pixels as described by on 6 ″ diagonal screen puts the BBK vivo XPlay 3 S a new resolution best fit for smartphones (around 490 DPI). The Android Smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 800 (quad-core processor + Adreno graphics chip) and 3 gb memory.

Vivo XPlay 3 Innovation with QHD Display 2

The micro SD card expandable internal memory is 32 gb. Despite the high-end display with QHD resolution and high-end hardware, as well as a large 3200mAh the BBK is 5 mm thick vivo XPlay 3 S also optically a feast for the eyes, only 4, and only 172 grams.

Vivo XPlay 3 Innovation with QHD Display 3

In addition to the potent hardware, the 13 megapixel cameras on the back as well as a 5 megapixel front-facing camera are also the highlights. A fingerprint sensor is installed under the rear camera. Android (surface overlain by the BBK fun touch) has similar functionality on the HTC one Max, namely unlock of smartphone and to trigger the camera.

Vivo XPlay 3 Innovation with QHD Display 4

The conclusion is Kenneth Hansraj, the north american doctor, who performed a study to evaluate the impacts on our body because of the excessive use of the smartphone.

The smartphone has changed the world but did you know that excessive use of this device can represent a weight of 27 kg in his column? Just do the math: the human head weighs approximately 5.5 kg, as bending the neck forward and down, the load that it exerts on the column increases.

With the head tilted 15 degrees, the sum of 12 kg, to 30 degrees already are (18 kg), bend up to 45 degrees is the overload with 22 kg and 60 degrees of tilt your cervical loads 27 kg. Gives you think? The council of the Pic Solution is clear: it is time to change!


How much are 27 kg? More thing less thing, is equal to the weight of a child of 8 years. Imagine the load on your shoulders a child of this weight? No, because not? If you are a user of inveterate of the smartphone, it is time to take some measures, for the health of your spine – and your social life, already now.

  • How to use the phone should raise it up to eye level, keeping the neck in its natural position;
  • Do exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, such as yoga or pilates;
  • Do not use the smartphone when lying down;
  • Reduce the use of the smartphone:
    • When you get home, save the phone in a box;
    • An output of the group, have the phone in a stack on top of the table – the first to pick up, pays the bill;
    • Don’t know what to do to occupy himself? Read a book, exercise, start a hobby again;
    • Talk more, type less.
  • Daily, do sculpting exercises to relieve muscle tension in the shoulders and neck;
  • Lying down, support your neck on top of a bottle of 500ml full of sand to return to its natural curl.

Force the neck in this position can lead to pain in the head, back and neck, as well as, in the long term, to a reduction of lung capacity by 30%.

Follow the tips Pic Solution and has more health!

The Montblanc is the first brand of high watchmaking to join one of its parts the technology of “wearable”, we are talking about the TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap, then we can wave goodbye to the design oitentista of smartwatches square and bulky, saying hello to the sleek lines and sports, created by the swiss brand.

The handle is interchangeable in the Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap brings in the lower part of a gadget touch screen discreet and functional that allows you to monitor your activities, get notifications smart, control your player music or camera remotely and find your smartphone if it is lost (or vice-versa). The connection is made via Bluetooth Low Energy devices with iOS and Android, enabling, for the first time to use a mechanical watch with digital functions that assist in daily life.

Thanks to the vibrating alerts you, without having to whip out your smartphone, you can know updates of e-mail, social networks, text messages and notifications, all while keeping a beautiful clock on your wrist, avoiding open hand of its sophisticated style. The device is made of stainless steel with a rubber sleeve that can be easily attached to the bracelet, its cooldown should be made, on average, every 5 days, and is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, Note 4, gadgets running Android 4.3 or a higher version, as well as Apple iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 plus.

The leather strap Montblanc Extreme deserves attention: thanks to an innovative manufacturing process created in the Montblanc Pelleteriain Florence, the material takes on this look similar to the carbon and becomes more resistant to abrasion and the elements like fire and water.

The design of the case 42 or 43 mm refers immediately to the family Montblanc TimeWalker. The basel narrow, the markings and red needles, accented by the black background, show that this is a sports watch, but sophisticated, made by those who have a long tradition in the branch, but remains focused on the future.

See below a video presentation of the Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed e-Strap , showing its operation:

[vsw id=”-u49L2u-JV4″ source=”youtube” width=”570″ height=”390″ autoplay=”no”]