Vodafone network: At hotspots up to 14.4 Mbps via HSDPA

As of now, there are higher speeds via HSDPA for Vodafone customers. In many areas in Germany are now 7, 2 MB download and 3mbit upload available. At train stations and airports, 14 are even theoretically according to a report by areamobile.de, 4mbit achieved. This reached Vodafone, increasing the performance of the networks in this hotspot areas.

This is even practically possible: Vodafone tested under realistic conditions, reaching around 10, which corresponded to a few years even the speed of a normal home network. That is sufficient for the playback of high-definition movies or downloading large amounts of data. Fast surfing is possible already at smaller rates, but if many users at the same time surfing the net, the demand for fast connections increases. So, increasing the speed to high-traffic sites, such as airports or train stations, is justified and in the interest of the customer.

Total so a positive development for all Vodafone customers! You will find rates for a fast and inexpensive Internet connection of course bridgat in the mobile phone shop. As Smartphones, which allow a comfortable surfing the Internet.