Waterproof and solar powered: Sharp SH-08A

In this country hardly known as cell phone manufacturers, sharp in the far East has made a name for itself as cell phone manufacturers and large market share. Accordingly the manufacturer dares even to venture on new things. With the sharp SH-08A new ground is broken: visually the mobile is already totally from the pattern of current high-tech mobile phones, which are mostly only from a screen.

In collaboration with the Japanese operator NTTDoCoMo, sharp here brings a clamshell phone that stands out from the crowd not only optically clear, but can fall with unusual features. So, the mobile has installed solar cells: according to the manufacturer-rich 10 min sunbathing for around 1 min phone conversation out.

Still wrong?

Also it is waterproof and this is related not only to splash water. The standard of protection IPX7 guarantees that you can keep the SH-08A a half hour one metre under water and it remains intact. In a blog on “ the best phones for the beach ” we have reported already which you can read, such special phones.

Facilities at a glance

However, despite green ambitions, the mobile can quite shine with high-tech features: the around 3 ″ large display screen resolution of 854 x 480 represents pixels with 16 million colors. In addition, the sharp SH-08A is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera. If underwater photos are possible, I can’t say, but that would be an idea let’s ….

The sharp SH-08A does not appear unfortunately with us in Germany, however, there are some other interesting mobile phones to choose from at bridgat.come in the eStore!