Wedding Dresses and Bridal Wear

Valerie is a bridal fashion brand from Kleemeier.The company Kleemeier is a family enterprise in the third generation from the Bavarian town of Hof.The company was founded in 1951 and produced blouses and dirndls.The production was steadily expanded and specialized in the production of bridal fashion in 1958. But not only bridal wear is available at Kleemeier, also evening dress, cocktail dresses and matching accessories.In addition to wedding dresses from the Valerie brand, Kleemeier also sells underwear and diapers under the brand di Lorenzo.The company Kleemeier is one of the most successful company in terms of bridal wear and fashion.

Valerie – What is behind the brand and what does it stand for?

The Valerie by Kleemeier brand enjoys great popularity not only among the brides. Kleemeier’s collections are also very popular.The wedding dresses are characterized by a great elegance and shapely beauty.High-quality, high-quality fabrics are used, which are equipped with lace and flower appliqués.But, of course, simple wedding dresses are also available.Particularly beautiful are the long toes, which give the clothes an uniqueness.These dresses sprout a certain romance and thus enchant the bride as well as the bridegroom and the wedding guests.But not only wedding dresses are to be found in the house Kleemeier. Also for special occasions, there is a wide selection of evening dresses or festmode of the brand Valerie.This fashion is timeless but at the same time fashionable and elegant.So that for “every woman” the appropriate dress is to be found.There are the dresses in long or short, striking or plain, elegant or sparkling.

Valerie by Kleemeier – quality and exclusivity for a lifetime

The high quality and exclusivity with which the company Kleemeier strives and vouches for it is a long life of the clothes.Although a wedding dress is usually worn only once,For example in the family.The evening dresses can be worn at different festivities and are always guaranteed an “eye-catcher”.

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