Which phone to you fits – Part 1: Classic, design and business phones

Cell phone finder-Special: which phone you fit – Part 1 – on the one hand we can welcome about it, that just on the mobile market, competition between the manufacturers is big and crushes to the customers. As new models that have one thing in common but appear constantly in short intervals: they all aren’t perfect. For every mobile phone is ideal for a particular type of user. This article will help you decide which of our current top mobile phones perfectly suits you.

Very elegant classic and timeless: Nokia 6700 classic

Include Nokia phones have always been to mobile phones, which is said to be a particularly easy to use. There also the Nokia makes no exception 6700 classic. The Symbian operating system is logical and clear. As a classic bar phone with normal keyboard Nokia 6700 is a Catcher classic certainly not the trendiest model, we imagine, but still: with the use of high-quality aluminium, the Nokia mobile is beautifully located in the hand. If you rather belong to the users, who want a classic bar phone, you will be classic well served with the Nokia 6700. You to not even give up technical refinements: even GPS navigation via mobile phone is integrated. You will never have to Handyfotorafie – a 5 mega pixel camera is integrated.

Design and luxury: Nokia 8800 Arte and Erdos

A track more expensive than the Nokia 6700 classic is that 8800 Arte (successor: Nokia 8800 Erdos). Here precious materials are used and the absolute focus on the theme of mobile phones. Technically the offers above all Arte series rather standard fare. If you want to combine cutting-edge technology, design and luxury, you must on the successor of Erdos Arte wait: this luxury Smartphone series offers the technical refinements of a Smartphone with the elegance of the Nokia Arte (Wi-Fi and an OLED display, GPS, 8 gb memory). Like, we can inform you if the Nokia Erdos with us is available. You just see the article page of the luxury Smartphone and then click “ notification if available ”.

Business professionals with keyboard: BlackBerry 8900 curve and Nokia E72

You want to write E-Mails on your mobile phone and receive, organize your appointments and to surf the Internet? For this are already visually appealing devices BlackBerry 8900 curve and Nokia E72. These are equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard and aimed at business use. Both phones are equipped with latest transmission technologies (HSDPA, UMTS, Wi-Fi), so that you also on the go without sacrificing Internet and emails. Both devices control and navigation by GPS. As small inclusive free goods to the full business package both the BlackBerry 8900 curve as also the Nokia E72 over a three or five megapixel camera resolution. This is sufficient for snapshots!

As you have taken the title certainly already, this is of course no final selection of phones, but the first part of our small series “ which phone you fit ”. Tomorrow, the next part comes just in time to half past eleven in our blog! It will revolve around camera phones, smart phones and cheap mobile phones for young people Central.

Since here just a small selection of recommended cell phones can be presented, we recommend you to take a look at our bridgat shop. Using mobile Finder you can select the technical Auswahlkritierien that are most important to you and find that your dream phone!