What is NFC Mean

NFC (Near Field Communications) technology osiguyava facilitated information sharing between different devices supporting this technology (eg payment, identification, sharing).

What is NFC Mean

Key features of NFC:

  • Wireless communication technology
  • Low range (1-4 cm for mobile devices)
  • Low speed (106-424 Kb / s)
  • Setting up a touch (facilitated connecting devices) = 0.1 seconds
  • Passive (no battery) electronic stickers (tags), which connects the mobile phone and communicates

Mobile Phones:

  • We need a built-in NFC chip

Как работи NFC?

  • NFC reader in the phone sends a signal (to tag / label)
  • NFC tag / label is activated
  • NFC reader reads the information from the tag / label

Примери за NFC TAG MODE:

Car mode / Режим “кола”

  • Pasting ‘Car tag’ ‘in car
  • Place the phone on the tag
  • You can easily drop navigation and configure the 4 elements:
    -the Bluetooth
    -the Music Player
    -the FM Radio

Office mode / Режим “офис”

  • Zalepyate’Office tag ” in your office
  • Place the phone on the tag
  • Easily configure 3 elements:
    -Wi-Fi is
    -the Bluetooth
    -Profiles (Silent or Vibrate)

Sleep mode / Режим “сън”

  • Zalepyate’Sleep tag ” in the bedroom
  • Place the phone on the tag
  • Easily configure 3 elements:
    – Profiles (Silent or Vibrate)
    – Music or Radio
    – Adjust brightness of the screen

What is the worst nightmare of every parent? Surely lose sight of your own small. By Bea Barthes, new clothing brand for children 0-6 years, comes the solution “If I get lost,” special labels available on each head and a cute bracelet, both with a mix of technologies able to quickly find the child in if lost.

It is enough to bring a smartphone to the label, clearly visible on the outside of the garment, to make sure that parents receive an e-mail in real time with the baby’s position, geographic location on the map. The person who has found, however, display a specific web page through which the parent can choose to call or send a text message precompiled.

“If I get lost” in fact exploits the technology NFC (or Near Field Communication defined on Abbreviationfinder), has already been adopted, for example, to pay by credit card and now applied to the safety of children. Not only that: If the phone does not have the NFC system, the label, which shows in a clear explanation of how to use it, it can still be accessed through the QR code or, more simply, just connect from any browser at web dedicated to directly call the parent and launch automatically geolocation baby.

This practical solution found-child is due to Francesca Fasoli, creator of the mother brand Bea Barthes, who decided to combine their passion for hand-made to that for technologies that help simplify everyday life.

The clothes and accessories of the line are all purchased online and any head you can apply the label “If I get lost” to smart cost of 5 euros (with renewable subscription annually to 2.5 €). The bracelet is on sale, always online, the 10 Euro price. And since the crowded beaches are one of the most endangered places, the bracelet is also bought at the bathing establishments that request it.