What is SMS?

The term SMS, English acronym for “short message service”, or short message service named by Abbreviationfinder  is normally used to indicate a text message sent from one cell phone to another cell phone. The original (and correct) terminology would be SM (Short message or short message) but now has established the use of the term SMS to the point where the same Nokia, maker of mobile phones, has adopted these three letters for the realization of the famous sound of receiving message TIIII TIIII TI TI TI TI TI TI, which is nothing but the word text in Morse code.

What is SMS

The service of sending text messages was originally developed for the GSM network and adapts to all networks such as UMTS today and some fixed telephony networks (in Italy currently only Telecom).

You can send SMS to mobile devices from a computer via an Internet connection, and from landline phones. Perceived benefits of using SMS for communication between individuals, there is the low cost when compared to a long phone call and being able to enjoy of asynchronous communication, namely to read the message at a time other than that of the receipt, enabling the exchange of information between parties not urgent that cannot communicate in the traditional way; SMS is particularly beloved and widely used for sending wishes in case of recurrences (thanks to the convenience provided by mobile phones can automatically send the same message to multiple recipients) or for other types of relational approaches, in that particularly discreet and then easier to manage, especially for the more timid. The text breaks down the barriers of communication between individuals with problems of muteness or deafness. The first text message of the story was posted on December 3, 1992 from a personal computer to a mobile phone on Vodafone UK GSM network. The text of the message could only be “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. The first sending SMS from mobile to mobile took place earlier in the year 1993 by an intern at Nokia.