What Is Yoga

Yoga or yogameans to unite, control. Derived from the sanskrit word “yuj”, Yoga is a concept, is a philosophy that works to harmonise the body with the mind, using breathing techniques (pranayamas), meditation and yoga postures (asanas).

What Is Yoga

  • The term yoga, or yoga is present in the religion hindu and buddhist.

The goal of yoga is to transfer to the day-to-day person the teachings and the self-knowledge acquired during the lessons. Experts on yoga claim that the style of lifeand behavior of the individual suffering some kind of change, a time that the supporters of the practice are to have a better relationship with yourself and with everything around you.

Types of yoga

There are several branches of yoga, such as karma-yoga, raja-yoga, hata-yoga and bacti-yoga. Each one has activities and different actions to work with people.

Where did the yoga

Yoga has emerged there are more than 5,000 years in the Indus Valley in Pakistan. Currently there are more than 108 types of it that provide various benefits to the health and the mind.

Yoga in Brazil

With the coming of the French Swami Asuri Kapila for the city of Porto Alegre in 1936 the yoga was officially incorporated in Brazil. Swami belonged to the Ramana Ashram-International School of Yoga and in 1947 his friend and disciple, Sevananda Swami (the creator of the sarva-yoga), made a presentation of his teachings to an audience of more than 5,000 people at a congress in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Since then, the concept of yoga became more widely known.

Benefits of yoga

The yoga is a healthy activity. Its benefits transcend the physical and become manifest in the mental, spiritual and emotional.

  • The practice improves respiratory, heart health, the digestive system, reduces diabetes, strengthens the immune system, decreases stress and corrects the posture.
  • Some positions of yoga help to send the blood flow to the pelvic region, intensifying the sensitivity and the desire.
  • Favors the flexibility of your body, muscle endurance and increased ability to focus and concentration.There are more advanced techniques and also the yoga for beginners that consists of making the exercises easier for those who do not have much intimacy with the practice.Once the yoga has various styles of practice and lines of activities, any person who wants to adhere to your techniques can do it. However, it is important that you determine through a medical evaluation, how is your state of health, what is your body type and goal. Depending on the situation some of the postures are contraindicated.


    YogaFlow is a company founded by the north american Charlie Barnett in 2006 and is located in São Paulo. It provides a space for the practice of yoga, consultations, and procedures of ayurveda which is an ancient tradition of health indiana. In addition, it promotes courses free training of therapists ayurveda, yoga teachers and massage therapy.

    Yoga Journal

    Yoga Journal is also an organization that works to share the techniques and practices of yoga to the public through the website, magazine and others.