Whatsapp – new security problems

Straight until we reaches the message, that Whatsapp is no longer free (we reported), already is the next job’s message regarding the most popular smartphone Messenger: Whatsapp is itself not just with glory lately either, regarding the security of the application. There are many vulnerabilities in the Messenger and not demolish the messages.

At the last vulnerability, you need only the telephone number and the IMEI number of the Android Smartphones or the MAc address of the iPhones of Whatsapp account, to take it over. With these data, it was relatively easy in a public Wi-Fi either to fish off the news itself or even send this Whatsapp account. The current vulnerability discovered by Heise security: here it seems now only by means of the call – or IMEI number to be able to sign in with a script on the alleged contact Whatsapp server and send messages or receive, which are actually the correct user-intended to. So far, the vulnerability only on Android smartphones appears to be available, however, it is believed that similar scripts on the Apple iPhone running.