Whatsapp vulnerabilities: once again negative headlines

Ever has for all Smartphone operating systems available app Whatsapp (a known Messenger) made negative headlines. Recently, the possibility became known, the application using “ sniffer ” to read, inasmuch as being located in a (public) Wi-Fi program on non-smartphones. Once this gap is now closed, further grievances have become known: phone numbers are transferred unencrypted. There are simple passwords. Android smartphones produces the password from the IMEI number iPhone users from the MAC address – both no secret data that can be read easily. Particularly iPhone users are at risk in public Wi-Fi networks – hackers can take advantage of with little effort Whatsapp and send messages on behalf of users. The message encryption and introduced the first errors should be easy to crack. Loosely translated, the conclusion of the Finder of the vulnerability is fileperms.org: “ use Whatsapp does not. Really, let’s. ”