Where Is the Soft Reset Button at Sony Xperia Z1?

It is not so easy to find the button for a so-called soft – reset on Sony Xperia Z1. This button to reboot of the Smartphone is directly under the slot for micro-SD cards at the Sony Xperia Z1. There you will see a small red button on which “ off ” is written. Such a reset button will reset your phone to its factory settings and the memory will be cleared. It should be pressed about three seconds with a pointed object, to force a restart.

 The rest button on the Sony Xperia Z1 can help the Smartphone become unresponsive and no longer shut down over the normal power button. With a so-called “soft – reset” function, you can lost the data of just open apps, as they forcibly terminated by the system and the memory will be cleared. Otherwise everything will be after the forced reboot: all individual apps and settings are retained. A “ hard reset ”, a reset of the device to factory defaults, you take in at the Sony Xperia Z1 settings.

 Sony Xperia Z1 is currently the high-end smartphone from Sony, along with the Phablet Sony Xperia Z ultra. As usual the Z-series Sony Xperia Sony here combines high-end hardware on top level (Snapdragon 800, 2 gb RAM) with an elegant mix of aluminum and glass materials. The Sony Xperia Z1 is waterproof and resistant to dust, which the Smartphone can stand out from other high-end smartphones of the competition. The eye is not only in the big 5 ″ full HD display something offered, but also when the camera in the Z1 20 megapixel Exmor R sensor which is equipped with an optical image stabilizer. This ensures high-quality pictures even in moderate light conditions. Sony has inspired here by the own high-quality compact camera – the result can be seen!