Where to Buy Knitted Mittens

Knitted mittens, or as they are called, mitts – is modern and comfortable accessory that is suitable for everyday wear for an evening out. They are very fond of children and adults, as both allow the fingers to move freely and not feel cold hands.

Women Knitted Mittens, Variety

Gloves were known in the 16th century but have become especially popular only in the 19th century. They are worn mostly by workers. But soon the ladies hands out “this accessory, decorated with lace, beads, embroidery. Currently, mittens, crocheted or knitting – a versatile addition to any outfit. Types mytenok:

  • Very open or covering hand and fingers;
  • Decorative items, buttons, rivets;
  • Warm or facilitated;

What Combine Knit Mittens?

Long knitted mittens made ​​of wool or other hot materials can be put on a fur coat or a jacket with sleeves 3/4. Fishnet gloves look good with light dresses with jeans in a wedding dress. If the accessory is designed to protect against the cold, it can be combined with a scarf or a hat when playing a decorative role – that of decorations, such as floor mytenok can carry bracelet or necklace to select the color of the gloves. Tied mitts, many women because even in winter you can show your manicure or beautiful long fingers because they can not shoot, sitting behind the wheel, or going to the store they will not prevent the bag to get the right thing. And of course, mytenkah of fishnet can feel stylish and bright. Incidentally, this is a snap tie after their own taste and ideas of beauty.