Why Did Apple Make the iPhone 5C

Rumored it looks like iPhone 3GS as a mixture of Apple iPhone 5 and Apple. With the cheap iPhone plastic, currently with the name Apple iPhone 5 C which makes rumor round, should change at least something Apple its premium image and open up new customer groups. But the Apple iPhone 5 C is really a cheap iPhone, as it is always called? I don’t think. Apple should really take that step, build a better Smartphone in addition to the Apple iPhone 5 S, then it is a premium product like the expensive model was always one.

What Apple currently causes problems is a phenomenon that knows not only the mobile industry: A certain saturation of the market holds the customer, formally from the hands to tear the Smartphones the California company.

Not everyone wants a high-end Smartphone for a lot of money. So it stands to reason but only to make more out of a product and to increase so the potential customer groups: so could Apple iPhone 5 C of the BMW 1 series among the Smartphones are – a high quality product that preserves the virtues of expensive smartphones from private home and so in terms of look and feel remains a real iPhone and plays still however, in a different League. It is now no longer sufficient simply to build a good Smartphone. Individuality matters more and more.

Whether Apple iPhone 5 C’s really going the way of a complete restructuring of the product range with a new, we will know probably in the autumn. Then the new iPhone and the new will be presented iPad. I consider likely major changes this time but pretty. Point has the massive changes in the operating system Apple iOS 7 down, which we have written about already ausfürhrlich.