Windows phone 7: Microsoft’s operating system live

, It has been reported so far quite to the Windows Mobile successor Windows 7 phone. Microsoft’s new operating system with the lucky number seven worked for Windows for desktop computers and should score well with a completely new face to the mobile sector. With the minimalist broad without any icons, Microsoft goes completely new ways. We have put together some videos for you, on which the new operating system on a Samsung developer phone (could the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD) is running.


Hubs of Windows 7 phone

the Windows operating system is divided into six different so-called hubs. These are different menu areas that are each associated with a theme. These topics are as follows: people, music and video, pictures, Office, games and marketplace. Although Windows 7 phone only towards the end of the year will be published and still a not market-ready version is there, the operating system looks very good. But make yourself an impression.



shown In the following video is the complete customizable interface, which also already very fluid runs.



each Smartphone also thrives that apps are available, of which, also Windows 7 phone is no exception. In this video, there is of course nothing extraordinary to see, finally, there is still no Windows 7 phone Appstore. But you can see here all right, that standard applications such as the browser or Google maps running pleasantly fast.



well, what’s more to say? Here follow the settings of Windows 7 phone, which so far can be made.


Smartphones with Windows 7 phone

the shown Smartphone with Windows phone 7 is at least visually identical with the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD. What’s the hardware in the developer Smartphone, is unknown. In any case, the Microsoft operating system with appropriate mobile phones at the end of the year in the autumn will appear, then is to be reckoned with Smartphones. The HTC Mondrian and Mozart have been announced. Other manufacturers be it sure don’t miss out, to go with the new operating system.