Windows Mobile 6.5 – Smartphone operating system revisited

Is Windows Mobile Smartphone owners already a term. So far, the previous versions on the operation with stylus (a touch screen pen) were designed. Otherwise the trend towards profile away from the typical business users the typical smartphone usage. Were limited to put Windows Mobile on Smartphones so a trend lately more and more, the previous versions so far mostly on use on PDAs. So, Samsung I8000 Omnia 2 has brought a popular Windows Mobile Smartphone on the market. Also HTC has the HTC Pro 2 and diamond 2 two Windows Mobile 6.1 devices in the program.

Windows Mobile 6.5 – what ’ s new?

Menu layout and operation

As already mentioned Microsoft wants with the new Windows Mobile version towards Smartphone operating system further work and so facilitate the operation users. The basic structure of the menu is now hexagonal arranged (as shown) links. Thus, the menu should can be clear and cover at the same time more menu items. Testers have criticised this menu arrangement but for their lack of transparency. The interface, which is known even from Windows Mobile 6.1 is also the levels including again (and for operating a stylus requires …).
The little icons in the corner right above the menu become, by the way, as soon as you touch it with your finger. At least here you do without the use of a stylus so.

Browser – new Internet Explorer

The result of surf should be improved with a new browser. According to several Internet reports, the surf feeling improves too much liquid and in the operation. But the Microsoft browser that appears variant similar to the desktop, still a generation behind the current generation of competitors to lag behind. In any case, the new browser seems to work at least acceptable.

Appstore – Microsoft has one now too!

To introduce an own Appstore for Windows Mobile software

Microsoft’s push was predictable. Today, actually every large mobile phone company has an Appstore in addition to Apple. Here Microsoft arouses mixed feelings: on the one hand it is of course a grateful extension of the available Windows Mobile to offer an Appstore. On the other hand, the operation is not convincing and cluttered. Also the tester of Windows Mobile 6.5 not convinced the range of applications.

Speed and software optimization

Just like the submenus which 6.5 were taken over by Windows Mobile, also here no revolution can be expected. The program code closely resembles the Windows Mobile 6.0 or 6.1, so also no big speed jumps are expected. Here to be interesting to see on Windows Mobile 7 that any desktop version of Windows 7 on mobile devices can port the strengths of.

Windows Mobile – the manufacturer it do it!

The information I’ve presented so far sound initially sobering … touch screen optimization only insufficient browser only acceptable and the range of applications also skin the user not the socks. But if you look around on the mobile phone market, you will find let alone rarely getting Windows Mobile interface to face at all, that you use Windows Mobile. This phenomenon can be explained as follows: the manufacturers, such as Samsung and HTC, Miss the Windows Mobile operating system a complete facelift!

Samsung: Windows Mobile devices come with TouchWiz

, The Samsung I8000 Omnia 2 (the predecessor of I900 Omnia runs TouchFLO 3D) is the current Samsung device running Windows Mobile 6.5. But as you can see on the picture of this Smartphone, the device with a Windows Mobile comes typical surface. Here has taken Samsung in the magic box and revised the Windows Mobile operating system with the own TouchWiz technology. This interface, which is also included in other Samsung devices used, you can freely place small applications (called widgets) on the surface of the cell phone and personalize to your Smartphone. Samsung has an Appstore (, which supports the Omnia series with Windows Mobile interface currently only.

HTC: modern sense interface instead of Windows Mobile

HTC also changes the operation of the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system on HTC HD2 (the first Windows Mobile phone by HTC) and playing surface own Senseo, finds application for Android Smartphones from HTC. The core of the operating system is Windows Mobile 6.5. As well as in Samsung but hardly notice this: with HTC sense, nearly all components of the Smartphone change – it is like its own operating system. This supports even multi touch capabilities and gesture control. These functions are actually not even supported by Windows Mobile. Thus we can work confidently you the HTC HD2 on the heart. The Smartphone by HTC will be released end of October and currently represents the Nonplus ultra in the field of Windows Mobile Smartphones.

It must not necessarily be Windows Mobile?

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