Windsor Chairs: Vintage Decor

Although by design they can be typically American, Windsor chairs emerged in England in the 18th century and will history for being one of the first chairs that were produced in the series since its inception, peeping the industrial revolution that was in the making. They Windsor chairs have a very special characteristic and its support is independent legs, something not common in chairs of the time.

Image via this Chair model was composed of parts manufacturing of specialized form different artisans and that will take more are joining. For its construction, different woods were used since each piece different treatments, such as bending or drilling required. Then they painted dark colors to hide the differences between the tones and veining of the wood used. The Windsor vintage Chair was originally designed as garden furniture, here at you can get more different models of home decors, in fact, was known as Forest chair and was intended mainly to rural areas. But little by little it was becoming popular and standing in different places such as offices, classrooms, libraries and dining rooms.

Image via although this Chair since its inception had a great reception in England, was in the United States where it reached its high peak in terms of shapes and designs, became one of the iconic independence period chairs. In fact, Benjamin Franklyn and Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of independence sitting on a Windsor Chair. Although the model underwent many modifications, its essential structure hardly varied: solid seat from where came the embedded legs and wooden bars that were curved in the majority of cases, but also support find straight backWindsor chairs . In addition to chairs, manufactured a wide variety of furniture inspired by the same design. With the passage of the years this model lost ground to the creations of designers who began to use other forms and materials for the manufacture of chairs. It was already in the 20th century, after World War II, when Windsor chairs returned to re-emerge stronger. Ercol Windsor chairs.

Lucian Ercolani was a furniture designer of Italian origin, which opened its first factory of furniture in England in 1920.

Image via during the second world war, the Governing Board asked it to manufacture 100,000 chairs low-cost.Ercolani chose the Windsor model, perfected the design for mass production, and unified the type of wood used to manufacture the Chair, Elm wood. Ercol chairs reached great popularity and since then not been discontinued, being one of the best-selling models of chairs of history, both for its price how functionality. Ercol chairs in the decor.

Ercol chairs they are still very present in the decor and it is easy to find them both in homes and in restaurants or shops. Ercol chairs combine comfort and durability. Its simple but elegant lines fit in with any decorative style: Nordic, vintage, rustic, shabby chic

image via and not just chairs, under the design of the series Windsor are also made seats, armchairs, benches and rocking chairs. It has an air current and fit perfectly in any room. Don’t give up on a classic English design and surrender to the charm of the Ercol chairs!