Xperia pureness – more artwork than technology

With the Xperia pureness Sony Ericsson November 2009 has announced a phone that not only is striking, but also incredibly polarized. On the Internet are the user about the Xperia pureness of divided opinion: some say it is little more than mobile phone to detect. In turn, others are of the opinion, the Xperia pureness from Sony Ericsson was a small miracle of design. Sony Ericsson said the Xperia pureness: “ [the Xperia pureness is] a work of art rather than technology ”.

Under the new motto “ make.believe ” Sony wants to sell us now especially comforting, new technologies and small works of art. The Xperia pureness is a first attempt in this regard to score.

Design in the Center
With a transparent screen and an almost invisible keyboard (only with lighting it will be visible) the Xperia pureness offers lots of new things right at first glance. More technical details are unfortunately not known, but that’s not what this artwork also. This here not a faster processor or a 12-megapixel camera in the foreground. Rather the Xperia pureness is reminiscent of a futuristic design study. You can you despite the scant information about the pureness but already hold, the latest technology will be definitely not built into the Xperia pureness on the revolutionary display. Apart from that, this display is unfortunately very small and only monochrome. It is not yet known how be the transparent display in sunlight or what resolution it has,.

A real collector’s item
But it’s not about also: or have ever a work of art you examined and technical data given thought? Of course not … and how a good image of a well-known artist should money play too much irrelevant. The artwork of Xperia pureness will cost according to rumors of the €699 for the launch. Whether it really makes sense to invest such a lot of money, which is technically far behind current cell phones in this price range, in a mobile phone of course remains open. Every man for himself must decide. As in art, always a lover who is willing to pay good money for a good work of art can be found.

Available from November 2009

, According to Sony Ericsson Xperia pureness November 2009 in selected countries and cities around the world will be released. It is so not sure if the small design will appear miracle of pureness so early in Germany. Viewed purely from the product here, it appears any case questionable whether Sony Ericsson will release this phone at all. So far, it acts as a design study, especially since no technical data are known, although the release date is only two months out. You may be still with us free of charge find out, as soon as the Sony Ericsson Xperia pureness in Germany is available.

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