Zopo ZP950+ 16GB Phablet Plus Max

Zopo is a rather unknown, but a real expert for cheap smartphones. The Zopo ZP950 plus (or ZP950 +) is no exception: the “ Phablet ” with large 5.7 ″ IPS LCD HD (1280 × 720) makes the Samsung Galaxy with its data sheet note 2 competition and has built even a quad-core processor. At the same time, it costs less than half, is that? We say clearly: Yes! With some small restrictions, but the Zopo ZP950 plus is still rightly a hit at bridgat shop.

First of all you must restrict hardly is in the facilities. The display’s resolution and IPS technology with HD fully on the amount of time and also the device itself sits comfortably in the hand and feels elegant processed, even if no design highlights such as the HTC one or Sony Xperia Z may be expected. The Smartphone also (202 g) in the Vehältnis is easy to its size. Under the hood, a quad-core working processor from which one may expect not so much as from the high-end class with snapdragon 600 (like the HTC one).

This processor is a less expensive quad-core of library (Mediatek MTK MT6589 chipset), but Android 4.2 quickly enough to the run brings and also with graphics-intensive apps has little problems. The memory is with one gigabyte, which is more than sufficient. The internal memory is exceptionally large for the low price of the Smartphone with 16 gb (expandable via Microsd). Other budget smartphones often only 4 have gb, which often leads to problems when you install many apps, because apps no longer move since Android 4.x on the SD card.

Even with the connectivity, there’s nothing to complain about: Wi-Fi, HSPA +, Bluetooth – LTE you don’t expect at this price, but anyway do not need the most users. Also the camera front can be with 8 megapixels (back) and 2 mega pixels. The best for the end: This powerful hardware package is there in the bridgat shop for just over 200,-€ for a bargain price!