ZTE Grand X Pro: cheap Smartphone for the discerning

Currently, a wave of cheap smartphones comes after Germany, the ZTE Grand X Pro, is somehow but something more interesting for the normal user. The previous smartphones with the typically installed library chipset have that in common: they are extremely large (see our special to cheap Phablets). I know except the Huawei Ascend P6 is priced already again far away from highly competitive ZTE Grand X Pro, which will be sold for €250.

It makes from ZTE Grand X Pro just that, making also the great cheap Phablets so interesting: there are slightly thick troubled Smartphone optically and haptically nothing to expose, but also no real highlights. Technically, there are smears, but only in places that make the user of usually little if she knows in some places. So the ZTE Grand offers X per in any case with a dual-core processor with sufficient per 1.2 GHz (Mediatek MTK6577T chipset) the 4.5 ″ large display with HD resolution (1280 × 720 pixels, pixel density: 326 DPI) to fill with content. As memory is 1 gb available. Only saved in the internal memory: 4 gb (2, 5 gb available) are really just for users who want to install just a few apps on your Smartphone. Media data can be but also on a micro SD outsourced card, for a slot in the ZTE Grand X Pro is ready. Another limitation on the cheap smartphone from ZTE still Android 4.0.4 is installed and currently no updates are announced. Who can live with it, receives an of the Smartphone powerful for the price with the ZTE Grand X Pro!