Two newcomers to the market of older – Samsung and Doro

Senior cell phones are a Nieschenmarkt so far and the models are so far not very visually appealing. Now, Doro and Samsung have announced two new phones that are likely to transform the market. In addition to the usual features such as large, legible buttons and the emergency function, both look great and offer a little more than just the rudimentary functions.

One may not believe it at the current trend of the Mobilfunktmarktes, but the audience for mobile phones with ease of use, ergonomic design, and only meaningful functions is quite there. Senior cell phones are called such phones, but these two models not only seniors are interested:

the Doro phone easy 410gsm

the Doro phone easy 410gsm is the first clamshell phone the “ phone easy ” series of Doro. Aim was to develop a phone that visually by the previously rather dull senior mobile phone market settles. Therefore, the design in black and white tones with hints of lime-green is kept. Striking is the large and clear color display and keypad. The display is 2 inches tall and has a resolution of 176 × 220 pixels.  That is completely sufficient for the demands of the clients. Of course it function, with the emergency a pre-programmed text message to a specified recipient is sent or given numbers are called also features an emergency SMS/call. While the handsfree function is activated. But apart from the stand type functions the 410gsm has even more to offer: it has, for example, Bluetooth 2.1 supporting A2DP for wireless stereo headsets, reminder and wake-up function, vibration alarm or space for 300 phonebook entries. It is also practical that unneeded functions from the menu can be hidden easily.

The Samsung C3060

With the C3060 bars design, Samsung first large mobile phone producer enters the market of senior cell phones. It will be available only in Russia for approx. 140 euro. The Samsung C3060 is the Doro phone easy 410gsm visually quite appealing as well. It is decorated in shades of silver and has great readable and backlit keys and also the 2.2 inch display is all big and legible. The menu is open and is easy to operate. For emergencies, the C3060 has an emergency button on the side that has failed unfortunately something small. He operated, preset phone numbers are automatically retrieved and put the call on speakerphone. An FM radio and a 1.3 megapixel resolution provide more entertainment camera.

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