12 Solutions to Combat Chapped Lips

12 Solutions to Combat Chapped Lips

Pass the cocoa butter can be a good solution to keep lips hydrated and smooth, combating dryness and cracks that may be present.

12 Solutions to Combat Chapped Lips

Use a lipstick lacquer with filter solar FPS15 is also a good help to protect the lips, especially on cold days or when you will expose to the sun. Other good solutions to fight the lips dry and chapped is to apply a thin layer of:

  1. Beeswax;
  2. Almond oil;
  3. Lipstick with shea butter;
  4. Lipstick with vitamin E;
  5. Petroleum jelly;
  6. Lanolin;
  7. Olive oil;
  8. The Gel of aloe, simply cut off a leaf and apply on the lips leaving to act about 20 minutes;
  9. Cream bepantol;
  10. Coconut oil;
  11. Lard, or sheep;
  12. Mix 1 scoop of wax virgin, melted in bain-marie with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and store in a small container.

When the lips are again intact, without cracks, is also indicated to make a scrub 1 time per week. A good home form is rubbing on the lips 1 coffee spoon of honey mixed with sugar, making small circular movements. Then it must moisturize very well to the lips with some of the balms mentioned above.

Which can leave the lips dry and cracked

The dryness of the lips can be caused by situations such as:

  • Dehydration:Can occur by not drinking enough water, but the main cause is the excessive sweating.
  • Habit of licking your lips:saliva is acidic and when you enter into constant contact with the lips this are dry and may become cracked;
  • Cold weather:In the fall and in the winter the weather gets more dry and lips can become so dry it can flake off and crack because you do not have fat cells to protect you.
  • Sun exposure:Happens when the person is long exposed to the sun without sun protection in the mouth, which ends up burning the lips and leaving them to dry;
  • Breathe through the mouth: the passage of The air through the mouth dry even more the lips and they may become dry and cracked.
  • During the treatment of radiotherapyin the region of the head and neck: Because the radiation tends to remove even more of the layer of water that protects the lips.
  • Toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulphate:This substance is irritating and can leave your lips dry after the brushing the teeth;
  • Lack of vitamin B:Eating a low vitamin B, present in chicken, avocado, banana and beans, also favours the appearance of the lips dry.
  • Excess vitamin A: Consuming excessive doses of vitamin A, present in butter, cheese, eggs and carrots, can leave lips chapped but the skin also tends to get very orange.
  • Psoriasis: The person with psoriasis has a lot more chance of having your lips dry
  • Remedies for acne, such as tretinoin;
  • Use lipstick matt long lasting, that has lead in its composition;

Thus, in addition to prevent all of these causes is also important not to use lipsticks 24 hours, drink plenty of water and do not wet the lips with saliva.

Lips dry and cracked in the corner of the mouth

The queilite is the name of the condition where there arises a little sore in the corner of the mouth, which is painful and skin is very dry, and even flaking, making it difficult to open the mouth. This happens due to the excessive growth of fungi, or bacteria, due to the habit of licking the lips constantly.

For combat you can use a ointment healing, indicated by a physician or dentist, as Omcilon, for example. Spend a little bit of aloe vera is also a great home remedy for sore in the corner of the mouth.