24 mobile phone comparison: iPhone 4, HTC desire & Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Have you been mobile comparison by bridgat? Not? Reason enough for us, the function of the shop even to imagine with the current top models Apple iPhone 4, HTC desire, Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. With the mobile phone comparison you can compare the data sheets of all models from the bridgat shop and so at a glance see which Smartphone or mobile phone has more power under the hood. To read more, we recommend but still have a look at the bridgat blog. The appropriate article to the shop offers find each at the bottom of the page.

The mobile phone comparison

Click in the shop on “ cell phones ”. You can see the features of the bridgat shop, you might not even have noticed. Including they see rightmost cell phone comparison, with which you can directly compare the datasheets.


iPhone 4, HTC desire and Samsung I9000 Galaxy S compared

have you in the next selection screen then selected the models and run the comparison, you can see the comparison in a table view. In our example these are the current top models on the market: Apple iPhone 4, HTC desire and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy s on the basis of the comparison see the pure technical data that give a rough overview of the functions. There is still no score or detailed information in this comparison. So processor have a gigahertz as all of us here in the example of shown smartphones, so that may give the impression, that the phones are equally fast. In reality there are Samsung and Apple but tie and the HTC desire with the Qualcomm processor is much slower than the two place deer. Basically, this comparison is perfectly suitable to compare specifications, such as display resolution or weight. So you can see that the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S compared is the lightest mobile phone, in spite of the 4 ″ largest displays. Here you can see our example from the mobile phone comparison.


For more information at bridgat

now have basic information compare and example for the HTC desire decided. Want to look even more information to rethink their purchasing decision, simply click on the selected mobile phone. You end up on the article page that provides in principle for the first time no longer information, as you have already seen in the mobile phone comparison. There’s usually still an article, which can include even interesting information. In addition, you should take a look at the reviews above all:


we continue to offer with our bridgat blog news, ideas, tests and critical articles on the respective models of the manufacturer. The functions presented here know not many bridgat users and should be regarded as less an insider tip. Scroll just to the end of the article page, to find the respective blog articles. There is in the case of the example iPhone 4 including news updates and whether a jailbreak at the current firmware is possible. Unfortunately, the blog articles not directly compared with the mobile are displayed, so that you “ normal ” will have to go through the search.