Accommodation for Studying in Australia Part I

Students from all over the world come to Australia for a complete study abroad or a semester abroad. All of them ask themselves: “Where can I live while studying in Australia?” We want to answer that question here.

Student residence in Australia

At Australian universities, students can usually live in a student residence on campus or nearby. In the student residence hall in Australia there is the possibility of moving into single or double rooms. There are rooms with or without a bathroom in the dormitories. The available room categories may vary depending on the university.

When it comes to student residences, a distinction is made between residential colleges and halls of residence:

  • Residential colleges also provide meals, housekeeping, and student support services.
  • Halls of Residence offer less service than residential colleges. Meals and cleaning services can be provided, but this is not the rule. Usually the students cater for themselves in the Halls of Residence. They have the opportunity to cook in communal kitchens. The Halls of Residence are also correspondingly cheaper than the residential colleges.

Many universities also maintain apartments on or near campus, in which the students live together like in a shared flat. Some single apartments are also available. Self-catering is common in the apartments.

In addition to university dormitories themselves, there are also student dormitories operated by private operators in Australia, which are often located near the universities. Large private providers who rent accommodation to students in many major Australian university cities include UniLodge and Urbanest.

Rent a dorm room in Australia

International students who register in good time have a good chance of getting a place in the student residence hall. Australian universities have individual application deadlines for their dormitories. Students who want to move into the dormitory should find out about these deadlines in advance.

If you want to rent a room in the dormitory of a private provider, you usually have to apply directly to them.

Dormitory life

Students who move into a room in a dormitory or apartment quickly get to know many other students when they start studying in Australia. This creates good contact with fellow students from Australia and all over the world outside of the courses.

In addition, students who opt for on-campus accommodation benefit from the fact that they do not have to travel long distances in their everyday studies. The course rooms, the library, the administrative facilities of the university including contact persons, the student clubs or the university’s own bar – everything is in the immediate vicinity of the dormitory. As a student, you also save on daily transport costs to the university.

Especially at universities whose campus is a little off the beaten track, students who live in dormitories have to plan some time for the trip into the city. Of course, there are also very centrally located universities in Australian cities such as the University of Technology Sydney, which has dormitories in the city. Students who live in the dormitory can also enjoy city life there around the clock.

Regardless of the situation: Those who live in the student dormitory must be able to come to terms with the other residents. That’s why students should be able to overlook a higher noise level and dirty dishes in the communal kitchen.

Students who rent a room on campus usually have permanent accommodation for their studies in Australia as soon as they arrive. You no longer have to deal with the search for suitable accommodation and can therefore concentrate entirely on the university right from the start.

Student dormitory costs in Australia

Rent is a significant part of the cost of living in Australia. Of course, this also applies to renting the student dormitory. The price for a room varies depending on the university, dormitory and room category. The price range is very wide. The monthly rental costs are roughly between AUD 440 and AUD 2850. In addition, registration and other fees are often charged. The utilities are usually included in the rent for accommodation in the dormitory. So there are usually no unexpected costs for the students. Telephone and internet are partly included in the rent. Some of the meals can also be booked or have to be booked in addition. Students should inform themselves about the exact rental modalities in advance from their Australian university. Overall, living on campus in Australia is often not the cheapest option.

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The dorm room usually are however furnished, so that no costs are incurred for furniture. But be careful: some bedding is not provided and you have to bring it yourself or purchase it on site. You should inform yourself about this in advance so that you do not have to sleep the first night in the new bed without bedding.

By the way, rental prices in Australia are given per week, both for student dormitories and other types of accommodation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Student Housing in Australia

Advantages Disadvantage
Accommodation can be booked before departure Often more expensive than other study accommodation options in Australia
Quick establishment of new contacts with other students possible Often greater distance from the (inner) city
No long ways in everyday university life Volume from other residents
No or low transport costs to the university
Utility costs are usually included in the rent
Furnished rooms
Meals can be booked in addition

Apartment and shared flat in Australia

Many students in Australia choose to look for private accommodation. Many prefer to live in a shared apartment. Students also have the option of moving into an apartment on their own. However, this is the most expensive option for accommodation for studying in Australia.

Living off campus in Australia is a good opportunity to get to know life in the study country outside of the “university cosmos”. However, it can also mean that there is less contact with other students outside of the university. Those who live in a single apartment have a lot more privacy and tranquility than students who live in a student residence or with a host family. But it gets a bit lonely there faster.

A rented apartment is usually further away from the campus, so there are transport costs for the way to the university. However, students who choose a private apartment or shared apartment as accommodation for studying in Australia are free to choose the location. Depending on the city you are studying, it might be a good idea to look for an apartment near the beach, for example.

Accommodation for Studying in Australia Part I