Accommodation for Studying in Australia Part II

Looking for an apartment in Australia

When looking for a private apartment or flat share in Australia, internet platforms such as these are ideal:


It is advisable to get an idea of ​​the housing market in the Australian study city at home. In this way, you can already find out how high the rents are and what can be expected for the desired rental price. Under no circumstances should students sign a rental agreement from home or even make a down payment for an apartment in Australia. You should only rent an apartment that you have viewed on site and also read the rental agreement carefully before signing it. Then the joy of starting your studies in Australia will not be clouded by unpleasant surprises with the new apartment. If you like, you can try to organize viewing appointments before you leave. Of course, you can also make appointments with landlords on site. Organizationally, it’s even easier. After all, you have the opportunity to stop by spontaneously.

A hostel, for example, is recommended as temporary accommodation until a suitable place to stay is found. As a rule, apartments in Australia can be moved into at relatively short notice.

In some cases, the universities can also help you find a suitable apartment.

Costs for an apartment or flat share in Australia

Students who want to live in a shared apartment or a single apartment usually have to pay the following costs:

  • Rental fee
  • Additional costs
  • Telephone and internet
  • Deposit
  • Possibly furniture

How much the rents actually are depends on the city and region in Australia. Rents are very high in major Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The average rental price for a room in shared accommodation in Australia is between AUD 280 and AUD 1,000 per month. AUD 1000 per month are already the norm in Australian cities.

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The additional costs for a rental apartment in Australia are around AUD 240 to AUD 400 per month. In a shared apartment, the total amount would of course be distributed among all residents. Telephone and internet add up to a total of between AUD 80 and AUD 200 on average each month.

In Australia, a deposit usually has to be paid for a rental apartment, usually the amount of one month’s rent. If the apartment is not furnished, students still have to plan money for the purchase of new furniture.

Apartment or flat share in Australia: pros and cons

Advantages Disadvantage
Free choice of location, for example near the city or the beach A lot of initiative is required
Privacy Active looking for an apartment is only recommended on site
Self-chosen roommates Additional costs for rent (additional costs, possibly furniture, etc.)
Get to know life in Australia away from campus Outside the university there is less contact with other students
More independence than, for example, in a host family or in a student residence Transport costs to the campus

Host families as accommodation for studying in Australia

Students who want to experience the culture and lifestyle of the country up close while studying abroad in Australia can opt for a host family as their accommodation. In a so-called homestay, the students live with an Australian family, with or without children, or with a single person. The host families are usually checked by the mediating homestay organizations for their suitability to accommodate students.

Students can not only get to know the typical Australian lifestyle in a host family. Living with a host family also helps improve their English skills. After all, students speak English all the time not only in the university but also in the accommodation.

With a little luck, the students will be well integrated into the families. Of course, the more they belong, the more they learn about everyday life in Australian families.

Not all host families live in close proximity to the university, the beach or the city center. So there are travel costs. Students who choose this option for accommodation to study in Australia should keep in mind that as a guest they should adhere to certain family rules. For example, when it comes to visitors. This can be very unusual, especially for students who moved out of home before studying in Australia.

Cost of a homestay in Australia

A host family is a relatively cheap accommodation option for studying in Australia. Ancillary costs as well as telephone and internet are usually included in the rental price. Meals are often already included in the rent. The monthly rent is roughly between AUD 440 and AUD 1080.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Host Families in Australia

Advantages Disadvantage
Improve English skills Students must follow the rules established by the host family
Get to know the Australian lifestyle Distance to the university
Integration into the family Travel expenses to the university
Utilities and meals are usually included in the rental price

More accommodation options in Australia

Students who want to look for an apartment locally need a short-term place to stay after arriving in Australia.

Some universities, such as Griffith University in Brisbane or Swinburne University of Technology near Melbourne, offer short-term accommodation for incoming students at certain times. The Housing sites of universities, students can find out about the availability of such accommodation.

Even hostels or guest houses are well suited as a temporary solution for students.

Accommodation for Studying in Australia Part II