Aruba Population, Main Cities and Geography

By | January 27, 2023

Aruba: population and capital



According to Countryaah website, Aruba has around 108,000 people.

Ethnic groups

The population on the island is 80% mixed race. Only 5% of the population are white. The rest belong to various other ethnic groups.


Catholics around 81%, evangelists around 4%, Protestants around 2.5%, Jehovah’s Witnesses around 1.5% as well as Jews, Methodists and others.

National languages

The national languages are Dutch and Papiamentu – a Creole language that is spoken by about 330,000 people on the ABC islands.

In addition to Aruba, the ABC islands also include Bonair and Curacao.


The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad – with around 30,000 residents.

Aruba: geography, map

Area and boundaries

The island of Aruba covers an area of 180 km² and has 107,000 residents. The island is the smallest of the three so-called ABC islands – besides Aruba, these are Bonaire and Curaçao. Since the three islands are located on the continental shelf of South America, they are geographically included in South America. Aruba is an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Check topmbadirectory for politics, flags, famous people, animals and plants of Aruba.

The island is mostly flat – at a length of about 30 km and a maximum width of 9 km. In the west of the island you can find long white beaches, while the east coast is rather rocky and often inaccessible. Aruba is one of the “Leeward Islands” – the southern part of the Lesser Antilles. Here the climate is rather dry and almost desert-like.


The island has no direct neighbors and therefore no national borders.


Aruba has a coastline to the Caribbean with a length of around 70 km.

Longitude and latitude of Montserrat

The island of Aruba extends over the following geographical latitude (abbreviation Δφ) and geographical longitude (abbreviation Δλ):

Δφ = from 12 ° 24 ‘to 12 ° 37’ north latitude Δλ = from 069 ° 54 ‘to 070 ° 04’ west longitude

You can find detailed information on this subject under Longitude and Latitude.

Legal time in Aruba

For Aruba, the following value applies to Central European Time (CET), i.e. the time (excluding daylight saving time). A minus sign means that it is earlier there and a plus sign that it is later than after CET:

Δt (CET) = – 5 h

Further and detailed explanations of the time can be found under Time zones, time.

The highest point of the sun in Oranjestad

Oranjestad, the capital of the island, is located at a northern latitude of around φ = 12 ° 30` = 12.5 ° – and thus in the middle of the tropics.

If the declination δ of the sun has the value of 12.5 ° N, and thus the image point of the sun is above the island or Brades, the sun is perpendicular there. This happens exactly twice a year, roughly days after the 21./22. March and then again days before September 21st.


If the image point of the sun and thus the declination δ is north of the latitude of Brades, at noon the sun is not in the south, as in our latitudes, but in the north. In this case, the sun moves from east to north to west, where, like us, it sets.

Mountains, Jamanota

The highest mountain on the relatively flat island is the Jamanota, a little less than 190 m high.

Offshore islands

Renaissance Island

Relax under palm trees in the white sand with a view of the turquoise sea – and all this on a private island! Renaissance Island is reserved for guests of the Renaissance Hotel and Renaissance Suites. Since these two hotels are in the heart of downtown, they acquired the island. Guests can enjoy the sandy beaches, which are just a short boat ride away. There is a regular transfer service to and from the island.

The infrastructure on Renaissance Island includes a restaurant, spa, water sports and volleyball facilities, hammocks and everything a sun worshiper needs to spend a few hours in paradise.

De Palm Island

This small island is just a five minute boat ride from Aruba. The colorful water slides of the Blue Parrotfish Water Park and excellent opportunities to snorkel, dive or try Seatrek await the visitor.

The caribbean

As mentioned, the island state of Aruba is located in the Caribbean.

Aruba Population