Detailed report on the Nokia E75 – the E-Mail phone

, The Nokia E75 is a business phone that leaves no wish unfulfilled. But also the compulsory private phone becomes redundant through the practical switching mode. A mobile phone for all walks of life so. 

Already on 05.05.2009 we have already reported about the Nokia E75. Here you can read the first report on the E75.

Nokia E75 with full slide out keyboard
The E75 seems at first glance almost a little too small for a business phone with its 50mm width. The 2.4-inch display of the Nokia E75 clearly occupies the main part of the front panel and is with its 240 × 320 pixel resolution and a representation of 16.7 million colors already very satisfactory, if somewhat small. The telephone keyboard below the display is suitable with their pleasantly large shortcut buttons. Ausschiebare full keyboard is striking only when taking a closer look at and. An elegant, compact and unobtrusive design.

Profiles for private and business
As already mentioned spread the Nokia E75 has a special function: the shift mode. When you switch on the phone you can choose either the business or the private mode. Thus you have two phones in one, which differ from menu structure, contact information and settings.

Office files, view and edit with the E75
Equipped with Symbian/S60, the E75 has the usual functions of language choice on video telephony and SMS text-to-speech function. The pre-installed full version of Quickoffice allows Word, fully on the road to work with Excel or PowerPoint. For secret data, the E75 offers encryption capability and the clearly crafted address book can be searched even by company name. In case of theft the mobile from afar can be locked.

Navigation with the Nokia E75
The integrated GPS receiver allows you to use the Nokia E75 also as Navi. With the 3-month license for Nokia maps is guaranteeing to each address. Nokia on the E75 has refused a big internal memory. He is all 50 MB only. But this one comes with large microSD card 4 GB, which can be expanded up to 16 GB cards. A printer support, micro-USB connector for data exchange and battery charging and Bluetooth 2.0 on the go providing possibilities.

The E75 is ideally suited for email and Internet
In the Internet with the E75 mainly via UMTS and HSDPA or Wi-Fi to get and need not plagued with long load times. Emails can be easily sent and received, and often, the program requires no more than the email address and password for a connection.
Who would like to use the Nokia E75 as E-Mail phone, has the ability to retrieve his private emails through Nokia Messaging. Nokia Messaging automatically sent private emails (up to 10 addresses) via a Central Inbox on which your phone. An unlimited license for Nokia messaging is included with the E75. The decor is really easy and takes less than two minutes. Besides the E75, of course the two are QWERTY keyboard mobile phones Nokia E63 and Nokia E71 predestined E-Mail for this service.

3-megapixel camera and music features are standard
And also the multimedia features can be seen: the music and video player plays all common formats and the 3.5 mm connector can be heard with headphones. The integrated camera makes good photos, but only with 3.2 megapixel resolution. The auto focus is but class. See also the video recordings with a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. The recording can be up to an hour.

Nokia E75 in the bridgat mobile phone shop
Due to this email function and the generally very good Internet properties of the E75 we advise to a data package or even a tariff tariffs with unlimited data. Especially the Combi tariffs from T-Mobile or the Super flat Internet tariffs from Vodafone are also by the excellent network as a collective for the Nokia E75.