Bachelor in Australia

By | June 22, 2021

The outback, white sandy beaches, dense tropical rainforest, extraordinary animals and exciting metropolises – all this and more can be discovered in Australia. So it’s no wonder that Australia is so popular with tourists. But there are also other ways to get to know the country on the other end of the world: A bachelor’s degree in Australia, for example, combines the pleasant with the useful.

The higher education landscape in Australia is one of the best in the world. The universities are characterized by:

  • high professional standards
  • good equipment
  • intensive supervision of the students

The Bachelor in Australia at a glance

At Australian universities, students can take bachelor’s degrees in anything from the humanities to engineering. In addition, it is also possible to take subjects with a regional reference that cannot be studied anywhere else. These include, for example, Marine Biology or Indigenous Australian Studies. Graduates of such courses are then something very special on the domestic job market.

As a rule, a Bachelor’s degree in Australia lasts three years or six semesters. Particularly good students have the opportunity to acquire an honors degree within a further academic year. This serves the technical specialization of the bachelor’s degree. Holders of an honors degree can be accepted into the doctoral programs more quickly as the degree progresses.

Switching from Germany to Australia – the Transfer Bachelor

The Transfer Bachelor enables German students to continue a Bachelor’s degree that they started in Germany in Australia and at the end to obtain an Australian Bachelor’s degree. The prerequisite is that the courses are equivalent in terms of content and that the students complete at least half (i.e. at least three semesters) of their bachelor’s degree at an Australian university. The Australian universities can decide for themselves which of the achievements they have already achieved. As a rule, not all achievements, but about 50 percent of the performance records and credit points acquired in Germany are counted towards the Bachelor’s degree in Australia.

Bachelor in Australia: requirements

The admission requirement for a regular Bachelor’s program in Australia is usually a high school diploma. In addition, applicants for a Bachelor’s degree in Australia must have adequate English language skills. Depending on the university and course of study, they have to prove this through a standardized language test such as the IELTS or the TOEFL. Sometimes good grades on the high school diploma are enough.

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The universities themselves decide on further admission criteria. Applicants for scientific subjects, for example, often have to show good grades in mathematics or physics. If the achievements on the final certificate are not sufficient, it is sometimes possible to take additional or remedial courses in the first year of study.

Costs and financing options

International students must pay tuition fees at all Australian universities. Depending on the university and degree program, these are very different. In Australia, they are generally between AUD 15,000 and AUD 33,000 per academic year. Medical courses, however, are significantly more expensive. In addition, there are the cost of living for housing, food and more.

Scholarships, jobs and student loans

There is a possibility to receive a scholarship for the Bachelor program in Australia. The Australian universities, for example, sometimes award scholarships to international students with particularly good grades. With these, part of the tuition fees is usually waived.

Students who cannot get a scholarship also have the opportunity to work during their studies. Up to 20 hours per week are allowed during the semester, and more during the holidays. Since the wages in Australia are relatively high, this can also be a possibility to finance the Bachelor in Australia. A student loan can also be an option to make the dream of a bachelor’s degree down under come true.

Useful information about visas and entry into Australia

For study and work permits is a student visa required. Students must apply for this online to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in good time before departure. The processing fee for the visa is AUD 550. A requirement for the visa is also health insurance for studying in Australia, the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

You should consult an experienced travel doctor in good time before departure. It is recommended to have at least the standard vaccinations refreshed. Vaccination against hepatitis A and B may also be advisable.

Bachelor in Australia