Barcelona, Spain Travel Tips

By | August 18, 2022

Public transport in Barcelona

According to howsmb, the bus and metro network in Barcelona is tightly woven and works pretty well – when there isn’t another strike going on.

Unfortunately, the bus timetables are a bit confusing and most of the time the companions don’t really make good progress in heavy traffic.

It is easier and faster to take the metro. The metro consists of a total of 12 lines and runs most of the time underground.

Public transport tickets

If you decide to travel by public transport, you have four ticket options to choose from : the single ticket, the day ticket, the 10-ticket and a Barcelona Pass.

A single ticket costs you 2.40 euros. This allows you to use any route in the transport network with the exception of the journey to the airport. Caution: The different means of transport offer different single tickets and the tickets are often only valid for a single means of transport.

You can buy the Hola BCN day ticket for 2 to 5 days. You can get a day ticket for 2 days for 16.40 euros, for 3 days you pay 23.80 euros and so on. The ticket is valid from the time of first use and this option includes all transport and airport transfers.

With the 10-ticket you can use public transport ten times for 11.35 euros. This is definitely cheaper than a single ticket, but you won’t get to the airport with this ticket either.

Finally, there are the two Barcelona passes Turbopass and Barcelona Card including public transport for a period of validity between 2 and 5 days. There is also free entry or discounts for many sights in Barcelona. The Turbo Pass costs 109.90 euros for 2 days, the Barcelona Card for 3 days 46 euros.

Our tip: Get a 10-ticket or a Barcelona Pass, depending on whether you want additional entry to several attractions or not. With both you can use all public transport and get away cheaper overall than with a single ticket.

You can only buy single tickets and the 10-ride card at the ticket machines in Barcelona. You can also easily buy a day ticket and the Barcelona passes online before your city trip to Barcelona.

Arrival to Barcelona

By car

From the French border on the A7 it is only a two hour drive to Barcelona. Motorway tolls are around 15 euros for cars. It is best to look for a parking space near your hotel in advance, as they are in great demand in the center of Barcelona and fill up quickly.

By train

If you go by train, you will arrive at Sants central station . From there you can quickly get anywhere with the metro.

By plane

Barcelona Airport is located just south of Prat del Llobregat in Barcelona’s industrial port area and is officially called Aeroport Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradella . You can get from the airport to the city center relatively quickly by bus, train or taxi .

Our tip : Avoid taking the metro to the city center if possible. The metro station at the airport is new and only leads to the city center via complicated detours.

Frequently asked questions about Barcelona

How many days do you need for Barcelona?

There is so much to see in Barcelona that a long weekend is hardly enough. If you plan your stay well, you can still do everything in 3 days because the sights are relatively close together.

However, to give you a little more time and to experience all the charm of the city, we recommend that you stay a few days longer.

When is the best time to visit Barcelona?

You can visit Barcelona all year round and the city is always full.

It can get very hot in summer and very uncomfortable in winter. That’s why you generally get the most pleasant weather in autumn and spring, but you have to expect occasional rain showers.

What is the cost of traveling to Barcelona?

Barcelona has long been a relatively cheap destination for a city break in Europe. Today, the prices for overnight stays are not much lower than in other metropolises.

In relation to Germany, however, groceries and restaurant visits are still relatively cheap.

How dangerous is Barcelona?

Barcelona is no more dangerous than London, Paris, Rome or Berlin. You still have to reckon with pickpockets wherever many people crowd together in a carefree holiday mood.

But there are no no-go areas in Barcelona that are really dangerous. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be careful in the dark streets of the old town at night.

Can you explore Barcelona on foot?

You can explore Barcelona quite well on foot. The city covers a relatively small area compared to other major cities and most of the tourist attractions are close together.

Where can you swim in Barcelona?

In Barcelona there is the famous city beach Barceloneta. However, it is very centrally located and is therefore very crowded.

It’s quieter on the city beaches near Poblenou. There we especially recommend the Playa de Bogatell.

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