Projector for your Pocket: Samsung MBP 200

Yesterday we came to enjoy, to test a new device from Samsung: this is the probably the smallest projector at all, the Samsung MBP 200. Only 11 cm. is it long and has in addition to various multimedia functions, which correspond to a modern MP3 player, to project the function a picture on the wall. Whether the device what is good, you can learn here.

It’s a beamer? Asked I not thought but it at least. The device appears to be more like a somewhat clunky crisis MP3 player – the typical controls and the display included. But what at the moment is probably wishful thinking of many business people hiding behind the equipment: A projector, you can simply put in your pocket.


Before I do this, as I liked the device, a few words about the functions of the Samsung MBP 200. As already mentioned, the device has similar functionality, such as a modern MP3 player: This ranges from the simple MP3 playback on playback of videos, and even documents of various kinds (including PowerPoint and PDF).
Also, the small screen is 2.2 ″ size quite common MP3 player. Fortunately a trend which can be observed at the moment for many manufacturers of mobile phones was taken – namely installing a 3, 5 mm stereo of headphone output. Therefore any standard headphones fit into the Samsung MBP 200.
The files can be played back but not only directly from the device, also a laptop screen can be connected to the Mini projector from Samsung. This is done with an adapter cable from the normal VGA connector out.
Storage technical the device of from House with 200mb must come out, can but easily with the quite reasonable Mirco SD card gb increased to 32 be.

Impression of the device

Already impressive … the small Samsung MBP 200 actually projects an image on our White office wall. Presented is an animated film by the ice age creators PIXAR. The image quality is absolutely sufficient for the movie, everything is clearly visible in a size that corresponds approximately to a 50 inch TV.

Don’t expect but

too much the small: the resolution is relatively small 480 × 320 pixels. This corresponds to the resolution of some current phones that do sometimes even more. For the practice, this means that documents in normal font size (so 12) are not necessarily recommended for playback on the video projector. PowerPoint presentations are therefore more suitable with large fonts, pictures or videos for playback on the Samsung MBP 200th

In addition, the Mini projector is not particularly bright. At our show, the room was sufficiently darkened, this is however absolute mandatory if you want to properly work with the MBP 200. In a slide show run out of steam goes out after an hour the battery – but of course you can use the device in the network operating, so that here the practical benefits are not lost. After about a half-hour demonstration was the MBP 200 not excessively hot, which is quite amazing due to the small dimensions.

Here is still a video where unfortunately not get benefit, to see the Beamer in itself, but at least you can get a few impressions of the device.


Pico Projectors Have Arrived

Pico Projectors Have Arrived