Belt-Tips and Tricks, Learn How to Use Belts


You belt me better than ever!

After all, the belt completely changes the look, so let’s learn how to use them.

The belts are still the accessory of the moment they transform look.

An easy-to-use way is to put the belts on the trousers, skirts and shorts, to give that magical acinturada or look more tidy when the blouse is being used inside. Another legal way is to position them in the waist (a little bit above the navel) to create the ‘ lap belt outwards of pestle ‘ effect. Nothing nicer to accompany blouses and dresses more free. Remembering that the most slender belts make the look subtle and delicate, and the thicker gives the visual power.

Enjoy neutral looks and abuse of colorful belts! They will certainly be the highlight of their production. Already in the dark and overlapping looks, bet on the belt to set the silhouette and highlight the waist!

If the tip of the belt that is great just give a a knot on its tip or use a double sided ribbon to keep it slow dances on the waist.

Wide Belts

Wide belts shorten the top part of the body and therefore do not become so cool in women who have much breast. Belts used in the hip increase the volume of the region and are better for those who are more thin! Another hint for those who have the larger hip is the time to put a belt buckle in more free dresses: flee the most structured fabrics, they end up creating a bell format that also increases the region.

-Elastic belts Usually highlight the love handles, as they always squeeze a bit. Careful!

-the wider they draw attention to the region where they are. If you have large hips or love handles on the waist, avoid wearing wide belts in these places for example.

-Women with much breast or short trunk should be careful with the wide belts; they maximize these characteristics.

-small ones should avoid very wide belts so they don’t look like “swallowed” by them.

Thin and medium belts

-Fines and delicates mark and delineate subtly and are easy to use by any woman. They’re the most democratic!

-The mediums are also not difficult to use; Avoid them if you have low waist.


-Chubbys can also wear belts. Prefer the thin and medium; Broads highlight undesirable volumes. Beware of elastic bands that if worn too tight end up squeezing too much causing love handles to highlight. If you have the thin waist mark it without fear, or use in the high waist (a little below the breasts) that is generally thinner. But if you have a lot of breast, you’d prefer to mark the high waist with a thin or medium belt. The Broads will highlight even more the volume of the breasts and give the sensation that you are bigger.

-Belt with the same color or similar to clothing draws less attention to the region and generally elongates. Contrasting colours highlight that area. Choose the color depending on the effect you want to get.

-as well as jewellery, shoes or handbags, the belts also serve to bring a fashion touch to the look, and even better suit the clothing to the timetable and the type of compromise. A belt with tacks brings an air more rock ‘ n roll and modern for its production, as well as a belt with a very feminine lace can leave a more fluffy look.

The belt turns a garment into several, just change the model, color, or seat belt. Have fun!

As the belts are easy to find and inexpensive make a particular collection with stud belts, animal prints, metal, with a cutest bow, embroidery or a very chic buckle.

You want to be a luxury? Buckle up and voila!

(source of commented photos-our site.)

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