Best Audio Engineering School in Dallas, Texas

By | January 27, 2023

Promedia Training is a branch of a large group of audio engineering schools across the country that specializes in educating and training students in all forms of sound engineering. It is the only sound engineering school in Dallas who teaches Studio quality production and technique exclusively, without requiring registration for a larger course curriculum or University. Promedia also works only with ProTools, the industry standard in editing and engineering software and always have the latest version and the best equipment available. All this serves to qualify Promedia as the best audio technology school in Dallas.

Weighting and Certification Packages

Students can choose from several programs of focus. Pro Tools Core Package, which is the Basic program emphasizes learning and mastering every aspect of Pro Tools. This package is designed for aspiring recording and mixing engineers, as well as musicians and producers.

Professional Certification Package, their second-level program is aimed at people who already have an understanding of Pro Tools and want to maximize the efficiency and output of industry-level standards.

most advanced level program is the music production and certification package, which is designed for beginners and intermediate level musicians and engineers who want to learn the professional procedures and the practice of recording in a Studio.

Course Descriptions

Pro Tools Core Package is a 40-hour program that introduces students to basic recording setup, mixing and editing, as well as looping, loop add effects and other aspects of Pro Tools program. Students will be guided through intensive, hands-on sessions, learn how to make and complete basic, fully-produced projects from start to finish.

Professional Certification Package is an 80-hour program that includes three digital design courses and a mixing course. After completing the four courses, students take an exam for professional certification in mixing and production. These classes focus heavily on Science and technical aspects of production in order to ensure the students fully understand the many ins and outs of professional, industry-level production.

Music production and certification Package is a 112 hours accelerated package, involving four design courses in Pro Tools, as well as a mix class and a class on the popular hit program, “Reason”. Upon successful completion of the program, students take an exam to become a Certified Operator in Digidesign Music.

Admissions and Class Times

In order to be accepted into the Promedia training, prospective students must submit a short application together with the registration fee and proof of high school graduation or GED. There are several times a year, held Monday through Friday, and will run from 10:00 to 19:00 to 08:00.