Best Travel Time to Italy

By | October 5, 2021

Medical care, social security, health insurance

Italy’s health system

The State of Italy provides a tax-financed health system to all of its citizens. The organization and provision of the services is the responsibility of the National Health Service (SSN, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale). The aim is a uniform basic service for citizens, which – in contrast to Germany – is free of charge. As an EU citizen, you need to register with the SNN in order to be able to claim these benefits.

Doctor search

Italy has the largest number of doctors in the world, based on the number of residents, most of whom are well trained. Rather, the challenge is to find an English speaking doctor. In tourist areas and in most other cities there is a medical service for tourists (guardia medica turistica). The International Health Center can recommend different speaking doctors for Milan and the surrounding area. But the Yellow Pages also provide information about general practitioners and family doctors for you and your family under the heading Medici Generici. The Italian embassy and consulate also provide information about doctors who speak foreign languages.

Doctor visit

In addition to the doctors of the state health service, you can call in a private doctor / specialist / specialist for treatment at your own expense at any time. It is necessary to inquire about the amount of the fees with the respective doctor in advance. As a rule, it is customary to pay for this in cash immediately after the visit. If you have international health insurance, it is your responsibility to take care of any reimbursement.

If you want to take advantage of social benefits to visit a specialist, it is necessary, as in Germany, to be referred by your family doctor.

Health insurance and health card

European health card

If you are in Italy as a tourist and need to see a doctor on vacation, you can use your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Simply show this when you ask for your health card (tessera sanitaria). This covers benefits in the event of an accident or other necessary medical emergencies. Whether the costs are covered in full or only in the amount, as would have been the case in Germany, varies. It is therefore very advisable to find out about additional health insurance coverage before traveling and to take out this.

Italian health card

If you want to make Italy your new home and use the state health service, you can register with the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (state health service) on site. You can use a list to find a family doctor with a social security agreement for you and each of your family members. You will also receive a registration number and a health card from the health authorities, which you must show every time you visit a doctor.

Registration with the National Health Service

The following documents are required for registration:

  • valid identification document
  • Registration certificate for the Italian place of residence
  • employment contract
  • tax number

Once all the documents have been submitted, you will be issued with your personal health card, which you can show immediately when you visit a doctor.

Italy’s climate and best travel time


Italy’s climate is very much characterized by the north-south expansion and the temperatures are accordingly different. Italy is popular for its generally Mediterranean climate.

The north of Italy has an alpine climate with long, snowy winters. The summers in this region are mostly short, cool and dry. Visit weddinginfashion for Italy Tour Plan.

The Po plain, an extensive, fertile lowland with warm and sunny transitional seasons, forms the transition zone to the subtropical climate. The summers are warm and the humidity is very high. However, the winters are still cool and there can also be frost and snow there. The Po plain owes its name to the Po, the largest river in Italy.

When you leave the Po Valley further south, you advance into the Mediterranean area. The further south it goes, the warmer it gets. So over 40 degrees in summer are not uncommon. The summer months in central and southern Italy bring with them a dry phase, which only ends with the next large rainfall in November. In the mountain regions inland, there is also snowfall in winter. The coastal region, on the other hand, remains mild with temperatures around 15 degrees.

Best travel time

Whether hiking, lounging by the sea, skiing or an extensive tour through the vineyards, there is the right season for every activity and vice versa.

If you are fed up with winter in Germany in March and are already in the mood for warm spring temperatures, then Sicily is the place for you. A pleasant 20 degrees invite you to sunbathe.

Hikers and those who would like to see Italy’s sights are best to visit the country in May or from September to October. It is not too hot during this time.

The real bathing season starts in June and lasts until August. The coastal region with its beaches and bathing resorts is recommended for this.

Winter vacationers and ski lovers are in the right place in the Italian ski season from November to the end of April in the Alps and in the Alpine foreland.

The people and their culture

The culture and history of Italy go back centuries. But thanks to the high concentration of cultural treasures, it is still within reach in everyday life. The diversity and warmth of the country are also transferred to the residents.

Italian mentality

A life without communication? Absolutely unimaginable. The Italians are a very spirited, honest and warm-hearted population. Gestures and loud voices are just as much a part of the piazza as a good espresso. The family is still very important. For example, people like to eat their meals together at lunchtime, in the evening or on the weekend and spend time together.

But within the country there are sometimes quite big differences in mentality. The population in South Tyrol, for example, tends to be cautious about immigrants. Establishing contacts here is a bit tedious and tedious. It’s best to join any club.

Best Travel Time to Italy