Buzios, Brazil

By | November 26, 2022

Beautiful Buzios, known throughout the world for its unique combination of provincial charm and first-class infrastructure, is comfortably located on a sunny peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean. On the 17 beautiful beaches of Buzios, you can not only get an even, beautiful tan, but also go in for water sports, make many completely unnecessary acquaintances, and spend pleasant hours watching the sunset (after all, all discos do not open until 11 pm). Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Brazil.

Long ago, in the Middle Ages, pirates and slave traders hid in the bays of Buzios, the Portuguese and French fought for power in the rich region. Until the 60s of the 20th century, Buzios was a modest fishing village, the atmosphere of which is still felt in several quiet quarters of the resort. The resort gained its current popularity after the charming Brigitte Bardot, whose sweet head took it into her head to spend a romantic weekend back in 1964, away from reporters and the bustle of the city.

How to get there

Buzios is 176 km from Rio de Janeiro and 600 km from Sao Paulo. Viação 1001 operates 7 buses a day from the capital (3 hours, ~ 25 BRL). Buzios bus station is a simple stop, there is no waiting room, toilets and other amenities of civilization (tel.: 2623 2050; Estrada da Usina Velha, 444).

There are frequent buses between Buzios and Cabo Firo (travel time 1 hour, 20 km, ~ 4 BRL), which make stops along Avenida Ribeiro Dantas and Estrada da Usina along the way.

Weather forecast for Buzios

A pleasant microclimate has been established on the peninsula with rare precipitation and an average annual air temperature of +26 °C. It is twice as sunny here as in Rio de Janeiro itself. There is no wrong season to visit Buzios, but it is believed that the best time to relax in the resort is from November to March and in June-July. The low season is March-May and August-October. But in April and May, couples will certainly like it here, at this time life at the resort “calms down”. December is the “hottest” month, with crazy parties and high prices.

The beaches of Buzios

Buzios has about 17 sandy beaches, most of which are located in picturesque bays. Zheriba Beach is popular with many famous people and young people, it is ideal for surfing and windsurfing and is crowded during the New Year holidays. Armakau Beach is famous for the Bardo promenade, along which you can stroll past mansions and fishermen’s huts. Juan Fernandez Beach is suitable for lovers of comfort, good service and scuba diving. It has numerous bars where you can enjoy lobster and other seafood delicacies. Azeda is a small beach with clear and calm waters. Ferradurinha is a small beach that was recently named one of the top ten beaches in Brazil, its calm waters are perfect for snorkelling, and thrill-seekers can go diving from one of the local scenic cliffs.

Buzios has 17 sandy beaches, most of which are located in picturesque bays.

It was on the beach of Ossus that the first emigrants began to rebuild the fishing huts, initiating the formation of the new Búzios. Ferradura Beach is located in a picturesque horseshoe-shaped bay with many bars serving typically Brazilian drinks and snacks. In the coastal waters of Tartaruga beach there are coral colonies, so it is especially suitable for diving – and with some luck, you can also see sea turtles underwater. At the fish market of Manguinhos Beach, you can buy seafood at low prices. Amores, a cozy and calm beach for lovers.

Entertainment and attractions of Buzios

Church of St. Anne (18th century), statue of Brigitte Bardot (without her lover), coral reef of Kaboklu island. In addition, tourists cannot avoid walking along the Bardo wooden promenade-terrace, which is built along the Armakau beach. Here are colonial mansions, shops and bars. Another favorite place for tourists to walk is Rua das Pedras, the central street of Buzios.

Emerencias Reserve with typical Atlantic forest vegetation, exotic plants and golden clawed monkeys. Another nearby reserve, Taua, boasts 300 species of butterflies and 60 species of birds.

The resort has about 10 surf stations, for beginners and professionals, children and adults, and even one exclusively for women – Surfer Girls. In them you can not only rent equipment, but also a couple of lessons from professional instructors.

The resort has an abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs. Healthier activities: golf (18-hole course), scuba diving (two dive centers operate), windsurfing, trekking, fishing. In addition, concerts and film festivals are often held in Buzios, you can go to an art gallery or go up to the observation deck. The best nightclub in the resort is Privilege.

One of the favorite entertainments of tourists is a three-hour cruise between nearby islands. On board – fresh fruit, obligatory stops for swimming near the picturesque shores and other pleasures of life are included.

The popular annual festival Annual Jazz, which lasts 4 days, takes place at the end of July. Live music in the bars and nightclubs of the resort all night long; admission is usually free.

Buzios, Brazil