Campus Life in Australia

By | June 30, 2021

Campus life in Australia is not as legendary as it is in the USA, but there is also a lot to offer students on campus in Australia. Of course, the campus is primarily there for studying. But outside of the classrooms and libraries, the students in Australia can organize their everyday life on campus.

Campus facilities in Australia

There are many facilities on an Australian campus. Many of them are for academic or administrative purposes. Others offer students the opportunity to spend their free time there between or after the courses. The universities’ campus maps help new students find facilities on campus.

Typical campus facilities in Australia include:

  • Teaching and research facilities: There are various modern lecture halls and seminar rooms as well as laboratories on the campus. There are often special course rooms for certain subjects, such as stages, courtrooms or recording studios.
  • Libraries: The libraries are usually well equipped and often have entertainment literature, magazines and DVDs in addition to specialist literature. Students have the opportunity to use workplaces and group rooms in the libraries.
  • Computer labs: Computer rooms also offer workstations for students; some of them are equipped with special programs, e.g. for design students. Some computer labs are even open around the clock.
  • Meals: Students can eat in restaurants, cafés or takeaways. Some universities also have supermarkets or a bar on campus.
  • Sports facilities: Many universities have a gym on campus. Other sports facilities, such as soccer fields, tennis courts or swimming pools, can also be found in many places.
  • Student Union: campus facility by students for students. In contrast to the USA, the term in Australia does not refer to the building, but to the organization as such. The Student Union or Students’ Association organizes events or offers students the opportunity tojoinclubs and societies.
  • Prayer rooms and chapels: Here students can pray or talk to a clergyman.
  • Student dormitories: On many campuses in Australia, students can move into a dormitory room.
  • Service facilities: In addition to the teaching and leisure facilities, there are also various service facilities for students depending on the campus. The service offerings may include the following:
    • International Office
    • Advice offers
    • Career Service
    • Learning center
    • IT support
    • Activities / Recreation Office
    • Accommodation service
    • health Center
    • pharmacy
    • ATM
    • post
    • Campus day care center

Recreational opportunities on campus in Australia

In Australia, students don’t just go to campus to study. Unlike in Germany, the universities in Australia have a lively campus life apart from the lectures. The universities offer students a wide range of leisure activities. The universities or the Students’ Association are usually responsible for the organization.

Clubs for students in Australia

The many clubs and societies are very important for campus life in Australia. Both local and international students can join. For international students, this is a good opportunity, in a foreign country new friends in the world from Australia and other parts to find.

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The range of student clubs in Australia is very diverse. The clubs on campus vary from university to university. As a rule, students can join various sports clubs. Ball sports, martial arts, athletics, surfing, diving and more can be part of the sports program depending on the university. Australian universities may also have outdoor clubs, book or film clubs, language clubs, clubs where video, board or card games are played, religious or political groups and many other types of clubs.

Events on campus

Campus life in Australia includes a variety of student events. For international students, an orientation week is organized at the university one week before the start of the semester. During this time, the students get to know their new study environment before the courses start. Orientation week in Australia typically includes briefings, campus tours, and library tours. The presentation of the campus facilities and services, opportunities to get to know the university staff and various leisure activities are usually part of the program. Some universities even organize multi-day trips to the surrounding area for the O week.Many universities also offer excursions to the sights of Australia during the semester.

A variety of cultural events are among the events that help shape campus life in Australia. Depending on the university, for example concerts, theater performances, comedy shows, exhibitions or film evenings are on the program. If you can’t get enough of learning outside of the courses, you can also listen to various lectures at the university in your free time.

Parties take place on campus during the semester, sometimes on a weekly basis. Party-hungry students attend mid-semester, end-semester or theme parties, for example. Anyone who yearns for the German beer culture in Australia can even celebrate an Oktoberfest at some universities. As a rule, parties are also part of the O week.

Aside from all the organized leisure activities, you can simply relax on campus between lectures. The students can have a good time in the cafés or restaurants or relax on one of the outside areas of the campus.

Campus Life in Australia