Canada Excursions

By | July 18, 2022

The excursion program in Canada is extremely diverse. It offers excursions along the historical routes of the country’s indigenous people and European colonists, visits to ancient cities and large administrative centers, where ultra-modern buildings coexist with historical sights, and sightseeing of natural attractions. Excursions can be on foot, by bus, by water, by air, and in winter also by ski or snowmobiles.

Must visit Saint Lawrence River Valley in Quebec- a historically significant area where the first French colonists began to settle. These places are not like the rest of Canada. The French heritage is evident here in everything. You can learn everything about the history of this region in such large cities as Quebec and Montreal . Follow the river further west into the province of Ontario to the Great Lakes region, where the most densely populated region of the country is located, which is called the “golden horseshoe” or “ontario peninsula”. The largest city of Canada – Toronto and the country’s main natural attraction – Niagara Falls are of interest here. Also in the province is the capital of the country – the city Ottawa . Extending along Canada’s┬ásouthern Atlantic coastare the Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. In the province of New Brunswick, the capital city of Fredericton , the city of Saint John , from where tours of the Bay of Fundydepart, and the city of Edmundston , the second city in North America in terms of the predominant Francophone population, are of interest. The Scottish settlers left an indelible mark on the culture of the province of Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia, there are numerous groups performing Celtic music, and Cape Breton Island is one of the international centers of Celtic culture. The provincial capital is the city of Halifax , which is surrounded by sandy beaches and provincial parks. The culture of Prince Edward Island also has a strong Scottish influence. The capital city of Charlottetown is named after Queen Charlotte of England. Canadians call Charlottetown “the cradle of the Confederation”, since it was here that a conference was held in 1964, which resulted in the formation of a “federal dominion” Canada three years later.

According to Top-mba-universities, Canada.the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada ‘s easternmost province.. It is believed that the first Europeans who came here were the Vikings, it happened in the 10th century AD. This is confirmed by the excavated Viking settlements in the northern part of the island of Newfoundland. Be sure to visit the capital of the province – the city of St. John ‘s, which is the oldest and most eastern city in North America.

Three provinces are located in the center of the country – Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, which are called “steppe”. Most of Canada’s oil is produced here, as well as numerous agricultural lands. There are over 100,000 lakes in the province of Manitoba. Its capital is Winnipeg. , which is located in the geographic center of North America. In the northern part of the province on the shores of Hudson Bay is the city of Churchill , which offers a variety of excursions around the bay. In Saskatchewan, the cities of Regina , Saskatoon and Prince Albert are interesting, as well as the northern lake districts. In the province of Alberta, it is worth visiting such large cities as Edmonton and Calgary , and the Rocky Mountain regions with one of the most famous national parks on the planet – Banff and Jasper . The province of British Columbia extends along the Pacific coast. The provincial capital is the city of Victoria- is called the “island of England” in Canada, everything here: from its name to architecture, is reminiscent of England. Also of interest in the province is the city of Vancouver , surrounded by spurs of the Coast Range, and the eastern regions, where the Rocky Mountains stretch with numerous national parks. Three territories are located in the┬ánorthern half of Canada: Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Territory. Basically, these regions are suitable for nature lovers. In the vicinity of the capital of the Yukon Territory – Whitehorse – mountains stretch and rapids flow, the city of Yellowknife (the capital of the Northwest Territories) stands on the northern shore of the Great Slave Lake and is surrounded by a picturesque lake district, and the main city of the Territory of Nunavut – Iqaluit – is located on Canada ‘s largest island – Baffin Land. About 40% of the inhabitants of the Territory of Nunavut are representatives of the indigenous people of this part of North America – the Innuit. Excursions to cultural centers are common here, where the life and culture of the Innuit are represented, and to the villages of the Inuit Eskimos, where you can get acquainted with their crafts.

Canada Excursions