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Russian Literature in 18th Century

Russian literature, in its beginnings term for the literature of the Eastern Slavs, initially in Church Slavonic, today in Russian. Only with the rise of the Moscow state in the 14th-15th centuries In the 19th century, a national Russian literature gradually developed, the language of which, however, remained committed to the Church Slavonic tradition for… Read More »

Russian Literature in 19th Century

The reign of Alexander I (1801-25) meant the gradual transition for Russian literature from late classicism by GR Derschavins and from sentimentalism by NM Karamzin to pre-romanticism, the main representatives of which were the poet and important translator W. A. ​​Schukowski, the playwright A. S. Gribojedow (“Gore ot uma”, published in 1833; German “understanding creates… Read More »

South Korea Recent History

Domestic tensions The presidential elections on December 19, 2007 were won by the candidate of the conservative Great National Party (GNP) Lee Myung Bak (Lee Myeong-bak) with 48.7% of the vote. As the former chief executive of the Hyundai group and former mayor of Seoul, Lee supported his election success, among other things. to the… Read More »


Confucianism of, – based on Confucius declining worldview or philosophy widespread, especially in China, but also in other parts of East Asia (especially Japan). Its founder felt himself to be a »narrator«, and in his teaching he combined numerous older v. a. social ideas that made Confucianism a complex and therefore very adaptable school of… Read More »

Importing from China is Easy!

However, there are a lot of regulations when importing from China, especially from Germany. Because global trade is by no means as free as one might think. As an importer from China, you are obliged to observe numerous import restrictions and regulations. However, this is in your own interest, because it is by no means… Read More »

Saudi Arabia Prose

According to localtimezone, the narrative prose was formally based on popular English and French models of the time. Genres such as novel, short story and essay have been adapted for some content. In the course of developing nationalism and social changes, first the family novel, the historical novel, and then the philosophical novel by the… Read More »

Best Travel Time and Climate for Kyrgyzstan

Best travel time January – March Winter is falling in Kyrgyzstan and temperatures are falling. Some high mountain passes are blocked by snow and make some areas inaccessible at this time. We do not recommend traveling during these months. April May Between April and May, the country wakes up after a long winter. The ger… Read More »

Yemen History

HISTORY: FROM ITS ORIGINS TO THE 19TH CENTURY The “spice route” made famous in ancient times a state that had its center in present-day Yemen, the kingdom of Saba (1st millennium BC). The Sabeans took over in the century. I a. C. the Himiarites, who ruled Yemen until 525 AD. C., when they were defeated… Read More »

United Arab Emirates Overview

As a member country of GCC according to cheeroutdoor, the state of United Arab Emirates borders Qatar and the Persian Gulf to the north, Oman to the east, and Saudi Arabia to the south and west. The territory of the Emirates includes the coastal section in the south of the Persian Gulf , formerly known… Read More »

Laos History

Laos, officially Laotian Sathalanalath Paxathipatai Paxaxon Lao, German Democratic People’s Republic of Laos, state on the Southeast Asian mainland with (2019) 7.2 million residents; The capital is Vientiane. See itypeauto for Laos literature. The emergence of a highly developed megalithic culture in northern Laos (use of iron tools, irrigation farming, cattle breeding) is dated around the… Read More »

Vietnam Trade, Transportation and Tourism

The tertiary sector has seen its share of gross domestic product gradually increase, reaching second place after the secondary sector, contributing to more than a third of GDP and occupying a quarter of the active population. The financial sector, whose restructuring began in the late 1980s, was adapted to the needs of an expanding market… Read More »

Japan Arts History

THE KAMAKURA PERIOD Still religious reasons and political transformations are at the origin of the artistic events produced during the Kamakura period (1185-1333), during which Zen philosophy and the power of the military caste had great importance on culture. Chinese-style Zen temples (kara-yo) arose: Kennin-ji (1202, Kyōto), Kencho-ji (1253, Kamakura), “Hall of Relics” (Shariden) of… Read More »

Cost of Studying in China

Studying in the “Middle Kingdom” needs to be well planned. Therefore, students should also know what the costs will be. This of course includes the flight to China, the cost of the visa and the foreign health insurance. Most of the cost of studying in China is usually tuition fees and the cost of living.… Read More »

James Cook University Singapore Student Review

Courses at the JCU I had to choose 4 courses and chose Strategic Entrepreneurship , Interactive Marketing , Managing Consumer Markets and Business, Environment and Society in the Tropics. Overall, I was happy with the selection. Some subjects turned out to be more difficult than expected, but still everything is feasible. In contrast to my… Read More »

Children Education in Bangladesh

Too few trained midwives, malnutrition, low quality education and unhygienic conditions adversely affect children’s health and development in Bangladesh. The country is one of the most catastrophes in the world, and it is the most vulnerable children who live in the worst affected areas. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is one of the most densely… Read More »

Chongqing – a Giant City in the Middle of China

Known as an industrial city, Chongqing is not only a destination for business travelers, as the huge metropolis also has plenty to do for the average city holidaymaker. A giant city in the middle of China Whether it’s spicy food, adorable pandas or more than a thousand-year-old attractions, Chongqing, located on the edge of the… Read More »