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Climate and Weather of The Bottom, Saba

The climate of The Bottom According to polyhobbies, The Bottom is the capital of the special Dutch municipality and island of Saba. The town, which was founded by settlers from Zeeland in the seventeenth century, now houses just under five hundred people. What is special is that, despite its small size, The Bottom still has… Read More »

El Salvador Economic Overview

Basic data Capital San Salvador Population million (2021) Language Spanish Religion Christianity State system presidential republic Head of State Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez (6/2019) Head of government Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez Currency name US dollar (USD) Travel Time shift -7h (in summer -8h) Economy 2021 Nominal GDP (billion USD) 28.7 Economic growth (%) 10.2 Inflation… Read More »

What to See in Aruba, Netherlands

The two most important cities in Aruba are Oranjestad, the capital, and San Nicolás. Oranjestad is located on the south coast of Aruba. The name of the city is translated from Dutch as “orange city”. There are no oranges here, but the city itself is very colorful. All buildings in Oranjestad are made in the… Read More »

What to See in Barbados

South Coast South Coast of Barbados – the meeting point of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This part of the coast of the country is known as the center of the island’s nightlife and the center of windsurfing. The main “party” place on the south coast is the resort town of St. Lawrence… Read More »

What to See in Belize

Belmopan Belmopan has been the capital of Belize since 1971. The decision to move the capital inland from the coastal city of Belize was made after a devastating hurricane in 1961 almost completely destroyed the city. Belmopan is favorably located in the very center of the country, where natural disasters do not occur. There are… Read More »

Canada Excursions

The excursion program in Canada is extremely diverse. It offers excursions along the historical routes of the country’s indigenous people and European colonists, visits to ancient cities and large administrative centers, where ultra-modern buildings coexist with historical sights, and sightseeing of natural attractions. Excursions can be on foot, by bus, by water, by air, and… Read More »

Beach Holidays in Dominican Republic

First of all, the Dominican Republic is hundreds of kilometers of magnificent sandy beaches washed by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Tourists mainly come here to relax in local resorts. The world-famous resort of Punta Cana is located in the Dominican Republic. It stretches for 40 km along the east coast of… Read More »

What to See in Mexico

Historically, the Maya pyramids are of the greatest interest. The most famous among tourists are the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Teotihuacan means “the place where the gods are born”. It is located 50 km northeast of Mexico City. The Alley of the Dead runs along the entire city for 2 km, it leads to the two… Read More »

What to See in Panama

In the southwestern part of Panama, on the Pacific coast, the Azuero Peninsula is interesting.. Here are deserts unusual for the American tropics, as well as many small towns and villages in which buildings of colonial times have been preserved, and whose inhabitants still preserve the traditions of the colonial period. The main centers of… Read More »

Museum Quarter Houston, Texas

Houston Museum Quarter (Houston, USA) – expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website. 20 museums, galleries and cultural centers on an area of ​​2 km² – all this is the Museum Quarter of Houston, located on the site of a former wasteland of the 1970s. A tourist who finds himself in the space capital… Read More »

New York Public Library

New York Public Library (USA) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos. The white marble building on Fifth Avenue is the main building of the New York Public Library, the remaining 86 branches are scattered throughout Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island. It was organized at the… Read More »

US Population

US statistics identifies 9 areas of the Bureau of the Census. Historically, the division of the country into 3 main regions – North, South and West. US statistics classify cities as settlements with a population of St. 25 thousand. 226 million Americans (over 80% of the population) live in cities, 55.5 million live in rural… Read More »

US Valentine’s Day

Proper preparation for US Valentine’s Day Many Americans mark Valentine’s Day in their calendars months in advance in order to have enough time to prepare. This includes the following: Asking someone out on a Valentine’s date Tinker Valentine’s cards (including purchase of materials) Write poetry or do research Find the right Valentine’s Day outfit Find… Read More »

Mexico Morphology

Mexico appears as the continuation of the area of ​​highlands which, starting from Alaska, occupy the entire western side of North America and are collectively known as the Rocky Mountains. The bundle of high lands, which in the United States extends between the Pacific Ocean and the Prairie area, is gradually narrowing south of Oaxaca,… Read More »

How to Get to Cuba

Cuba arrival Airplane: According to mathgeneral, the national airline in Cuba is called Cubana de Aviacion. It flies from North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe to Cuba. The prices are relatively low, but the airline is often overbooked and delays are not uncommon. From Germany, Condor flies from Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne… Read More »

Health and Diseases in the Bahamas

When entering from a yellow fever area, a valid yellow fever vaccination is required for all travelers older than 12 months. The Federal Foreign Office also recommends vaccination against tetanus, hepathitis A and diphtheria, and vaccination against hepatitis B for stays of more than 4 weeks and / or special exposure. The standard vaccinations should… Read More »

California State University, East Bay Student Review (4)

Information on the application process 1.Preparations I applied to CSUEB through MicroEDU, which went smoothly. MicroEDU gave me all the information I needed for my stay abroad. 1.1 Insurance We were only obliged to take out health insurance abroad. I completed mine via the following link:, because there, among other things, a return transport… Read More »

Study in Sonoma State University

My experience with MicroEDU began when I spontaneously went to one of the many events in Münster, with the sober expectation that a semester abroad in the USA would probably be prohibitive (I think I’m not the only student who is short of money;-)). I was quickly convinced of the opposite when I heard that… Read More »