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US Population

US statistics identifies 9 areas of the Bureau of the Census. Historically, the division of the country into 3 main regions – North, South and West. US statistics classify cities as settlements with a population of St. 25 thousand. 226 million Americans (over 80% of the population) live in cities, 55.5 million live in rural… Read More »

US Valentine’s Day

Proper preparation for US Valentine’s Day Many Americans mark Valentine’s Day in their calendars months in advance in order to have enough time to prepare. This includes the following: Asking someone out on a Valentine’s date Tinker Valentine’s cards (including purchase of materials) Write poetry or do research Find the right Valentine’s Day outfit Find… Read More »

Mexico Morphology

Mexico appears as the continuation of the area of ​​highlands which, starting from Alaska, occupy the entire western side of North America and are collectively known as the Rocky Mountains. The bundle of high lands, which in the United States extends between the Pacific Ocean and the Prairie area, is gradually narrowing south of Oaxaca,… Read More »

How to Get to Cuba

Cuba arrival Airplane: According to mathgeneral, the national airline in Cuba is called Cubana de Aviacion. It flies from North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe to Cuba. The prices are relatively low, but the airline is often overbooked and delays are not uncommon. From Germany, Condor flies from Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne… Read More »

Health and Diseases in the Bahamas

When entering from a yellow fever area, a valid yellow fever vaccination is required for all travelers older than 12 months. The Federal Foreign Office also recommends vaccination against tetanus, hepathitis A and diphtheria, and vaccination against hepatitis B for stays of more than 4 weeks and / or special exposure. The standard vaccinations should… Read More »

California State University, East Bay Student Review (4)

Information on the application process 1.Preparations I applied to CSUEB through MicroEDU, which went smoothly. MicroEDU gave me all the information I needed for my stay abroad. 1.1 Insurance We were only obliged to take out health insurance abroad. I completed mine via the following link:, because there, among other things, a return transport… Read More »

Study in Sonoma State University

My experience with MicroEDU began when I spontaneously went to one of the many events in Münster, with the sober expectation that a semester abroad in the USA would probably be prohibitive (I think I’m not the only student who is short of money;-)). I was quickly convinced of the opposite when I heard that… Read More »

Best Travel Time and Climate for Panama

Panama is more than the Panama Canal and Janosch’s children’s stories. This is where North and South America meet. According to programingplease, the country is home to a variety of animal species from both continents and offers visitors volcanoes, dense jungles with crystal clear waterfalls. Adventurers can let off steam, swap and snorkel with white… Read More »

Anguilla Geography

The approximately 90 square kilometers large island of Anguilla belongs to the Lesser Antilles. The flat coral island is a British overseas territory and has become a magnet for visitors from all over the world in recent years due to its year-round warm climate and long white sandy beaches. Anguilla is the ideal holiday destination,… Read More »

Guatemala History

The presidential elections of 1985, with the victory of Mario Vinicio Cerezo Arévalo (PDCG), marked the start of a democratization of political life. The hopes of an easing of internal tensions between the Marxist guerrillas, drug traffickers and the right-wing army were soon disappointed, however, due to the failure of the attempts at dialogue. Having… Read More »

Canada Economy

Business According to healthvv, Canada’s economy is based on abundant and varied natural potential, such as mineral resources, abundance of wood and fish, fertile soils and inexpensive energy generation from rivers. There is also a modern manufacturing and specialized industry as well as a rapidly growing service sector. The economy is built on the principle… Read More »

Study Abroad in Boston University

If you asked me what I liked best about my time in Boston, I would say: “Everything!”. In retrospect, I can’t remember anything that I didn’t like or that didn’t help me personally. But one after another. Paperwork for the application, visa etc.? Really no major effort thanks to the professional and friendly help from… Read More »

Dominica Country Overview

Dominica, officially English Commonwealth of dominica [ k ɔ mənwelθ ɔ v d ɔ m ɪ ni ː kə, -d ɔ minikə], German Commonwealth dominica, Caribbean island state of the Windward Islands (West Indies) in the Lesser Antilles (2018) 71,600 residents; The capital is Roseau. Dominica [ also d ɔ minikə ] state on the… Read More »

Statue of Liberty and Central Park (New York)

Statue of Liberty (New York) Statue of Libertyis considered the most valuable gift from France to the United States. During the American Revolution, France gave the United States the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom for the oppressed. It is located in New York City. Highlights of the Statue of Liberty Located on Liberty… Read More »

Utah History

Utah is a state located in the Rocky Mountains region of the United States; It is bordered to the north by the state of Idaho, to the northeast by Wyoming, to the east by Colorado, in the extreme southeast by New Mexico, to the south by Arizona and to the west by Nevada, approximately 800… Read More »