Cost of Living in Australia Part I

By | June 25, 2021

International students in Australia will have to pay for their living expenses in addition to the Australian tuition fees. How expensive life is for students in Australia depends on two factors: On the one hand, of course, the individual lifestyle determines the expenses. On the other hand, the place of residence down under is very decisive for the amount of the monthly costs for rent, meals and activities. The city with the highest cost of living for students in Australia is unsurprisingly the metropolis of Sydney. But also Melbourne is one of the most expensive cities. Students can live more cheaply in Adelaide or in rural regions of Australia, for example.

Cost of rent and housing in Australia

A large part of the cost of living in Australia is accommodation, with all that that entails.

Just like in Germany, the rent for accommodation in Australia also depends on the city or region in which you live. The rental rates in major cities are much higher than in rural areas. Housing is particularly expensive in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. In addition, the type of accommodation also determines the costs. Renting your own apartment is the most expensive option. There are some alternatives that give students a cheaper getaway – and get to know other international students and locals more quickly.

As in many other countries, a popular variant is to move into a room in a shared apartment. It should be noted, however, that rental apartments in Australia are rarely furnished. So there are usually costs for furniture. A deposit can also be requested.

Most Australian universities offer international students the option to live on campus. The exact type of accommodation available depends on the university. Overall, there are three types of accommodation on campus: Residential Colleges and Halls of Residence are student dormitories. Residential colleges offer more services and amenities than the Halls of Residence and are accordingly more expensive. Thirdly, it is sometimes also possible to rent an apartment from the university on campus or very close by. The prices of accommodation on campus vary greatly, depending on the university and type of accommodation. Students who live alone in a comfortable apartment or want to enjoy the service in the residential colleges have to expect much higher costs than those who share the apartment or room with others. In addition to very expensive accommodation, many universities also offer cheaper options. The price range for accommodation on campus is therefore very large. In addition, one must know that the universities often have a registration fee ( Application Fee ) demand and other fees.

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Staying with a host family is another option for students who, for example, come to Australia for a semester abroad.

Depending on the type of accommodation, international students also have to pay additional costs. Electricity and gas, for example, are usually included in the rental price for on-campus housing at universities. The additional costs also include telephone and internet connections. This is also partly included in the rent for the dormitory. If you rent a room with a host family, the monthly rent often completely covers the ancillary costs. In a shared apartment, all residents have to make a financial contribution towards the ancillary costs of the apartment.

Here is an overview of the average rental and ancillary costs for international students in Australia:

monthly rental costs monthly costs for electricity and gas monthly costs for telephone and internet
Shared room AUD 280 to AUD 1,000 Share of total amount from AUD 240 to AUD 400 Part of the total amount from AUD 80 to AUD 200
On campus (student residence / apartment) AUD 440 to AUD 2,850 usually included in the rental price partly included in the rental price
host family AUD 440 to AUD 1,080 usually included in the rental price usually included in the rental price

Note: in Australia, prices for rent and other items are often quoted per week, not per month. You should know this to avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to costs.

Food costs in Australia

In addition to rent and ancillary costs, the cost of living in Australia also includes the costs of everyday life. Food is at the top of the list. If students live with a host family, meals are often already included in the rent, but a homestay with self-catering is also possible. Meals are also partially included in the rent for a room in the dormitory – which explains the high prices. Otherwise, grocery shopping and eating out cost between AUD 320 and AUD 800 per month. How high the costs ultimately depend on where and what you buy or where and what you eat. The following overview is intended to give an idea of ​​what certain products can cost in Australia.

product costs
1 white bread AUD 2.77
1 liter of milk AUD 1.49
1.5 liter bottle of water AUD 2.59
1 kilo of bananas AUD 3.31
1 pack of muesli / breakfast cereals AUD 4.30
12 eggs AUD 4.66
1 small glass of Vegemite (150g) AUD 3.35
1 kilogram of kangaroo steaks AUD 18.55
Takeaway pizza from AUD 4.95 for large chains
Australian beer in the restaurant (0.5l) AUD 7.00

Cost of Living in Australia Part I