The triumvirate of Android: HTC desire & legend, Samsung Galaxy S – top Android smartphones compared

More and more manufacturers follow the trend and bring Smartphones that run Google’s Android on the market. Often mobile phones differ little. We have selected three of them and the HTC legend, even compared to the HTC desire and the Samsung Galaxy S. Learn more about the top Android smartphones in our blog bridgat.

HTC legend

On the HTC legend is definitely under the category to a Smartphone, “ stylish ” falls. Hereby is meant, not only the appearance but also the facilities and above all the special features, offering the HTC. With “ characteristics ” in particular the individual user interface of smartphones is meant. It offers a large number of widgets that are already installed, more can of course downloaded from the online library on the phones and thus be adapted to the personal requirements of users. At HTC, a great emphasis is placed also on the communication with friends, colleagues etc.. With the contact Widget you can put each group that you created on the phone, on the home screen and then very quickly contact via phone call, SMS or email. Also the permanent activity in social networks is made possible by the HTC legend. With “ friend stream ” can one be kept always up to date, what’s going on in different social networks.


The HTC legend running google Android 2.1. photos can be with a 5-megapixel camera with auto focus and flash light shoot. Very nice: The 8.1 cm large AMOLED display with a resolution of 320 X 480 pixels (HVGA). Of course, the Smartphone UMTS and Wi-Fi has support. The stylish appearance is the Smartphone awarded by that cast a molded aluminum housing.

HTC desire

At the HTC desire focusing on information is set. Even with this Smartphone, the surface can be individually adapted to the requirements of the user – using the widgets from HTC. The home screen with the functions is with them evidence to support, which is important for the user. One has just the way E.g.  various blogs, news or sports pages of which you wish to receive updates, or breaking, predetermined key words to choose from. Even with this HTC Smartphone is “ friend stream ” available to contact his friends as quickly and easily.


Also the HTC desire is running Android 2.1. The camera is the same: 5-megapixel camera with auto focus and flash light. The desire is still a larger AMOLED display around 9.4 cm with a resolution of 480 x 900 pixels (WVGA). 1400 mAh battery has strong (of the legend 1300 mAh) and for fast surfing in the Internet, your Smartphone has a fast 1 GHz processor (the processor of the legend has only 600 MHz).

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

At the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S the huge Super-AMOLED display is the first to mention. This offers all 4 inches diagonally. It’s the biggest Super AMOLED display that is found on the market. Also this Smartphone running on Google’s Android. Also here is like on the HTC desire processor to find a faster 1 GHz – however is the graphic line over three times as high as for other smartphones. Thus, for example, playing on the Samsung phone is to the purest healed. The camera is equipped with 5 megapixel resolution.  However, on the Samsung i900 Galaxy S can be record videos in HD quality. On board are of course like all good Smartphone Wi-Fi, HSDPA and A-GPS. The processing is not quite so stylish, because here we worked much with plastic – but the huge display again compensates thief plus all Definzite.

Availability and price of the three Android smartphones

The HTC legend is currently no longer available, however we will inform you, if this is the case again. Simply click the product in our online shop by bridgat and then select the button “ notification when available ”. You receive an email from us free of charge and without obligation, once the Smartphone is available. The price of the HTC legend is without a contract to 354,95 euros. The desire is, however, now also available in the online-shop of bridgat. The price is 475, 95 euros without a contract. The Samsung i900 Galaxy S is to have in the online-shop of bridgat at any time. The price is without a contract to 431,95 euros.