The future of Symbian begins end of 2009

Are you a Symbian Smartphone with the current version Symbian S60 5th Edition? Then you belong to the Smartphone users who have the Symbian operating system on a touch screen Smartphone for the first time ever. The current version S60 in the 5th Edition is in fact the first attempt to run Symbian touchscreen smartphones. Certainly that is connected to some childhood diseases, which brings such a port with it, but the development does not stand still of course also here. Read here, what will bring the future of Symbian.

Economic development – weakens Symbian

Has that Symbian must lose more and more market share and one of the least popular operating systems is probably currently shown in the recent past. What it is, can be relatively easily answered. Symbian was always one of the operating systems, which settled on the most intuitive control for mobile phones with keyboard, but can not fully convince touchscreen smartphones. Other operating systems, such as for example the emerging Android, have an essential size of community and are technically just more than Symbian. More and more cell phone manufacturers rely on these new operating systems, in particular as regards the top models with touch screen.

This year is Symbian ^ 2

The Symbian release plan a new version of Symbian to appear even at the end of this year

loud, which is based on the current version Sybian S60 5th Edition. Other versions should appear then every six months. At least this release provides plan of the Symbian Foundation. In the plan, the development of the operating system is up to full open source version to see.

Promising approaches

In the Symbian blog was announced on 14 October this year, that the development platform Qt 4.6 has been successfully ported to Symbian. The capabilities of this platform seem promising. What Miss many smartphone users such as the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD or the Nokia N97, can now be realized. So, the realization of kinetic scrolling is integrated in the video. You can check the capabilities of the development platform here:

self try – E.g. on the Nokia 5800 Xpress music, Nokia N97 and Samsung I8910 Omnia HD

you have a mobile phone with the operating system Symbian S60 5th Edition? Take a look here. At the download link you can test shown in the video on your Smartphone yourself. I’ve already tried it and have to say, the shown can really convince. In particular the kinetic scrolling I liked, that makes a real iPhone feeling. Also the graphics demo is interesting, as is shown here, what the Symbian phones actually can. Let’s also try out the demo and post a comment, if the has said to you.

Conclusion – Symbian a no-go?

Without question, Symbian is a sinking ship in the Smartphone industry. While it must be but clear that Symbian S60 5th Edition is the first operating system for touch screen phones, ever published based on Symbian. It is clear, therefore, that it may be not perfect. However, you will find very attractive mobile phones with the Symbian platform. Particularly noteworthy include: the cheap Nokia 5800 Xpress music, the N97 with full keyboard and the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD with the currently largest OLED display and HD video recording and playback. The Sony Ericsson Satio camera phone with 12 megapixel camera is brand new and highly recommended continue.

In everyday life can be from operating system well with the Symbian, even though you would expect any ease of use an iPhone or Palm PRE. Everything runs, but it’s not so easy by hand, as the competition. It remains however to be seen what the future brings. Nokia shows with its OVI store and the new developments that Symbian long is not yet at the end. As the operating system for the completion of the new version suggests, it will be apparent. Of course we will keep you up to date!