Already from 2010 possible uniform charging cable – 10 leading mobile manufacturers agree

On pressure of the EU Commission have ten of the leading cell manufacturers (including Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson, LG, HTC and RIM (BlackBerry)) to a uniform charging cable agreed and signed a memorandum of understanding. Starting next year, this charging cable with corresponding mobile phone models on the market should be.

How to

several thousand tons of waste are caused annually according to the EU Commission by power supplies. Not only the manufacturers differ substantially in their Chargers, but many power supplies are completely different depending on the model. Almost everyone has to be somewhere in his drawer useless Chargers. The EU Commission would no longer tolerate this: asked the manufacturer to one, to some common network standard. Otherwise threatening with an adjustment to the manufacturer if necessary to zwinken to relieve the environment. But that was not necessary: following initial bucking, because the implementation is technically difficult, the leading manufacturers on the mobile agreed World Congress in February on a common standard until 2012.

Updates agreement

Ten führnenden mobile manufacturer Apple, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Quatcomm, RIM, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Texas signed instruments, which make up 90% of the EU market to introduce a declaration of intent to this network standard for upcoming models already in 2010. Thus, they come before a EU standard. These power supplies are be harmonised on the basis of the frequently used microUSB plug. The BITKOM Industry Association welcomed the speedy decision of the manufacturer. Almost 1/4 of the currently available cell phones have already microUSB support.  It is questionable how Apple will enforce this standard. In contrast the company has to its competitors even at all not set to microUSB.

That will change for consumers

Of all

only will change that a new power supply is not needed for every new cell phone purchase. So, cell phones can be sold without power supply.  According to industry estimates, the number of produced Chargers this is even halved. Whether that positively will affect the selling price, will only be seen next year. But not only the waste will be reduced: the new power supplies to consume significantly less power than currently usual.

In hotels to be found in most likely contents power supplies, so that you can leave home without his own charger of best conscience. But all consumers be given a problem, want to not deviate from their current phone model. The non standard power supplies will be a likely shortage in the coming years. According to the EU Commission, you may be happy with this step of the standard power supplies, sees his work but not yet done. Aims in the next few years also the power supplies for laptops, cameras and other electronic devices to standartisieren.

Latest mobile phones and Smartphones have partly own plug, you find a selection of current top phones as always in the Handyshop by But, brand new mobile phones are equipped in part with the microUSB port. Two prominent examples can be found here: